Well Rush Nation, we have made it to Week 3. As I mentioned in Monday’s catchup, it has been a good start in some places, but appalling in others. So, I always knew Running Back would be a huge challenge in streaming week to week. However, Frank Gore not doing the business did harm my chances early doors.

However, I did not expect to start so badly in the Kicker and D/ST categories. There have been some surprising performances in the Kicker and D/ST positions and to not have your kicker attempt a kick week 1 is always going to leave you chasing points.

My picks this week are chasing some severe upside in the categories I am behind in. In addition to this, I need to find some points from somewhere to come back and be relevant in the RB, K and D/ST categories. However, as for QB, WR, and TE, I will be looking for a safer floor to solidify my position and keeps me ticking along nicely.

Get Involved

All of my picks appear in the Waiver Wire column we put out on Monday. So you can read the commentary for my picks here. It’s living proof that I will take my own medicine and only use the selections I recommend to you all for streaming.

I also want all of you to play along with me. So please send me your selections on twitter @5yardrush or email to [email protected]. Depending on demand, we might even do a head to head matchup  column in the coming weeks. Remember the threshold is 30% owned so anyone over that, by the time the Waiver Wire column gets published on Monday, cannot be used.

If you do fancy challenging me, get in touch. And we will get you to write out your selections, and we will put a page up somewhere on the site for it. We do love all the interaction we get on twitter so if you want to get involved, let us know.

Week 3 Selections

So without further ado, my I Streamed a Stream selections for this week are as follows:

QB- Josh Allen

RB- Raheem Mostert

WR- D.J Chark

TE- Jason Witten

K- Joey Slye

D/ST- Green Bay Packers

From this week, you will be able to track the full process with my table under the I Streamed a Stream Table Tab. And this will be up shortly. So please do let me know your thoughts, takes, who you would change (that is under 30% ownership). Get involved.

But until next week Rush Nation, good luck with Week 3, stay streaming and until then, Keep Rushing!

-Murf @5yardrush