As I mentioned on Monday, we are almost 20% through the season already. Weeks 4-8 are key to stream before you get hit with the majority of your byes. It’s important to come out of this 5 game stretch with at least 3 wins, and to at least be 4-4 at the end of Week 8. Of course, we will always be working with you and give you all the help you need to have a better record than 4-4. However, even if you are 1-3 or 0-3, we will always help you fight to stay alive and relevant. After all, I came back from 0-5 to win a championship last year.

Week Three was kind to me, in the sense that I improved in four out of the six positions, remained the same in one, and lost a tiny bit of ground at Tight End. The stream was kind to me.

Stream Review

As it currently stands, and I hope to have the chart on the site soon, I am currently ranked:

QB: 9th Overall
RB: 48th Overall
WR: 12th Overall
TE: 10th Overall
K: 31st Overall
D/ST: 13th Overall

Remember, I am only allowed to use players that are currently under 30% owned from when I look at the players for our Waiver Wire article on Monday. So once they go over 30% owned, I cannot use that player again until they go under 30% owned again. This is what makes it hard to stream.

I have used Josh Allen all three weeks so far. However, I will have to make a change this week due to his ownership going up.

Running Back is providing to be the biggest challenge. Had I picked Frank Gore, I would have been better off. But I was chasing upside with the choice to stream Mostert and he burned me with his butter hands.

However, I am delighted with the week I had, and made up some good ground at D/ST, jumping almost 30 places.

Week 4 Stream Picks

This week, I have decided to play it safe in places, and stream upside in others. If you want to play along with me, go back to the Waiver Wire article we published on Monday.

I am also challenging any of you to a duel. Have a look at the ownership numbers on and if you find better selections that are under 30% owned, then submit your picks and we will create a tab on the website.

My stream selections for this week are as follows:

QB:    Daniel Jones- NYG

RB:    Wayne Gallman- NYG

WR:   Phillip Dorsett- NE

TE:    Will Dissly- SEA

K:      Joey Slye- CAR

D/ST: Steelers

Chasing Upside

I am chasing some upside with a couple of these picks, but it should mean, if it works, I will be in a good place heading to Week Five.

Please go back and read the previous columns, as I am running this experiment to see if I can stream a top 12 player in positions throughout the season, with under 30% ownership. It’s been fun so far. However, I know that it will get harder week to week, until we get to the last couple of weeks of the season.

Please reach out to me on twitter
@5yardrush. But until then Rush Nation, Keep Rushing.

-Murf @5yardrush.