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I Streamed a Stream – Week 5

Well Rush Nation, things certainly took an upward turn this week. Nothing too disastrous from the picks this week, though I would have liked more points out of the Running Back position. However, on the whole, things certainly improved.


As I couldn’t pick Mike Davis this week, Rex Burkhead had to turn up at Running Back. Not the best performance. However, I make these picks on a Monday night. Had I adjusted, I could have pivoted to potentially an extra couple of points. But it’s not a disaster.

Graham was busy but he didn’t find the end zone. Picking a Tight End is all about finding touchdown dependant Tight Ends. My other pick in the Waiver Wire article was Mo Alie-Cox and he would have netted me more points, but only 4-5 more. 

Ryan Fitzpatrick came through in a clutch game for me, when I needed my QB the most. I was falling very far behind at QB, so this has allowed me to claw some points back on a top 12 finish.

And Jefferson delivered a middle of the road performance for streaming. He was 1 catch away from being a top 24 receiver this week. However, a 30th place finish won’t kill me.

I made great kicker and D/ST picks. I had to pivot from Goskowski due to the game being postponed. I haven’t picked him for this week in fear of the same situation, due to the amount of infections at the Titans facility.

Overall, not a bad week after two disasters in the last two weeks.


Quarterback: Ryan Fitzpatrick- Dolphins 23.30 points (9th overall)

Running Back: Rex Burkhead- Patriots 5.5 points (39th overall)

Wide Receiver: Justin Jefferson- Vikings 12.3 points (30th overall)

Tight End: Jimmy Graham- Bears 5.3 points (22nd overall)

Kicker: Jason Myers- Seahawks 9 points (10th overall)

D/ST: L.A Rams 11 points (2nd overall)


Quarterback– 73.78pts 15th overall

Running Back– 38.8pts 31st overall

Wide Receiver– 29.5pts 55th overall

Tight End– 37.2pts 12th overall

Kicker– 27pts 23rd overall

D/ST– 20pts 17th overall


Now is the time to capitalise on injuries, byes and momentum with these picks. I’m looking forward to making some gains over the coming weeks.

Remember, I use all the Waiver Wire picks from the column on Monday. These are picks who are 30% owned or under according to

At this point in the season, it’s time to chase volume and follow the process of volume and letting volume lead me to the promise land.

And so, having said that, here are my picks for Week Five:

Quarterback: Justin Herbert- Chargers

Running Back: D’Earnest Johnson- Browns

Wide Receiver: Tee Higgins- Bengals

Tight End: Dalton Schultz- Cowboys

Kicker: Joey Slye- Panthers

D/ST: Cleveland Browns

I have to put Herbert in after the last 3 weeks he has had. He’s put up some solid QB1 numbers in this time. As for Johnson, with Chubb on IR, it’s a no brainer to move to someone who will be fantasy relevant for weeks. He had a great game Sunday with Chubb in the Locker Room.

I’ve gone for Higgins over Miller and I hope this one doesn’t bite me. Something tells me it might. However, I’m hoping Higgins finds the end zone.

The other picks were autopicks due to ownership numbers and match-ups.

Don’t forget Rush Nation, if you wish to get involved, drop us an email at [email protected] or drop us a DM on Twitter @5YardRush.

However, until next week, Keep Rushing!

– Murf (@Murf_NFL)


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