I Streamed a Stream- Week 5

Yesterday I talked about the end of the first quarter of the season. However, with the stream, we are also almost a 3rd of a way through the Fantasy Football regular season. As streaming has gone, I am in a reasonably good place. I struggled at Wide Receiver this week. But all of the other positions were pretty good, or not terrible.

There has been some bounce back in the TE, WR and K areas which is really good. I also managed to stream the D/ST 3 which pushed the score right up. And now I remain really competitive through the first quarter of the season. However, I am under no illusion that it will become harder as we enter the second quarter. It will just mean I will have to dig into the stream a little bit more.


As it currently stands, and I hope to have the chart on the site soon, I am currently ranked:

QB: 15th Overall
RB: 24th Overall
WR: 18th Overall
TE: 7th Overall
K: 18th Overall
D/ST: 6th Overall

In case you have forgotten, I am only allowed to use players that are currently under 30% owned from when I look at the players for our Waiver Wire article on Monday. So whilst I would love to still be playing players like Wayne Gallman and Darren Waller, because of their ownership, I cannot.

Running Back will always provide the biggest challenge, as will Wide Receiver. If you think the first 7 or 8 rounds of a Fantasy Football Draft are usually Wide Receiver and Running Back heavy, it is going to be a challenge to find a top 12 RB or WR combined.

However, I am delighted with the progress I have made so far, and hope to continue to improve and challenge for the top 12 in every category.

Week 5 Picks

This week, I am looking to make a splash and really make some headway at the QB and Kicker and D/ST positions. Running Back seems to be the biggest challenge this week, as will Wide Receiver. If you want to play along with me, go back to the Waiver Wire article we published on Monday.

I am also challenging any of you to a duel. Have a look at the ownership numbers on ESPN.co.uk and if you find better selections that are under 30% owned, then submit your picks and we will create a tab on the website.

My stream selections for this week are as follows:

QB:    Andy Dalton- CIN

RB:    Jordan Wilkins- IND

WR:   Geronimo Allison- GB

TE:    Tyler Eifert- CIN

K:     Matt Gay- TB

D/ST: Panthers

I am chasing some upside with a couple of these picks, but it should mean, if it works, I will be in a good place to make a run in the second quarter of the season.

Please go back and read the previous
columns, and track the progress with me. It’s been fun so far. However, I know that it will get harder week to week, until we get to the last couple of weeks of the season. Please do also interact with us via the site or via twitter.

Please reach out to me on twitter
@5yardrush. But until then Rush Nation, Keep Rushing.

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