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I Streamed a Stream- Week 6 2020

Well Rush Nation, Week Five was not too painful for the stream model. My Stream model saw some big games at QB, K and D/ST whilst not taking too big a hit at the other positions. The only position I am now severely playing catch-up to is at Wide Receiver. However, I think this is where the comeback begins.


As I mentioned, I am adrift at Wide Receiver currently. Higgins did hurt me despite putting up 8 points for me this week. However, With more and more receivers at Wide Receiver available with the byes coming, I am feeling confident I can move towards the WR3 range over the next couple of weeks.

Dalton Schultz was majorly impacted by Dak’s injury, and went missing when Andy Dalton came in. He is a fade for me over the next couple of weeks, whilst we see what Dalton does and who he builds a rapport with.

Justin Herbert lit up Monday Night Football, to finish as the QB4 for the week. This, mixed with Fitz last week, has propelled me up to QB1 status after a dismal start.

Johnson didn’t have the day I expected. However, I still think he is worth rostering going forward.

I made great kicker and D/ST picks for the second week running. I am only 5 points away from a K1 position and the D/ST stream is now a D/ST1.

Overall, not a bad week yet again


  • Quarterback: Justin Herbert- Chargers- 27.36pts
  • Running Back: D’Ernest Johnson- Browns- 4.2pts
  • Wide Receiver: Tee Huggins- Bengals- 8.2pts
  • Tight End: Dalton Schulz- Cowboys- 1.1pts
  • Kicker: Joey Slye- Panthers- 11pts
  • D/ST: Cleveland Browns- 13pts


  • Quarterback- 101.14pts 10th overall
  • Running Back- 43.0pts 34th overall
  • Wide Receiver- 37.7pts 56th overall
  • Tight End- 38.3pts 14th overall
  • Kicker- 38pts 18th overall
  • D/ST- 33pts 9th overall


Now is the time to capitalise on injuries, byes and momentum with these picks. I’m looking forward to making some gains over the coming weeks.

Remember, I use all the Waiver Wire picks from the column on Monday. These are picks who are 30% owned or under according to

At this point in the season, it’s time to chase volume and follow the process of volume and letting volume lead me to the promised land.

And so, having said that, here are my picks for Week Six:

  • Quarterback: Ryan Fitzpatrick- Dolphins
  • Running Back: Alexander Mattison- Vikings
  • Wide Receiver: Chase Claypool- Steelers
  • Tight End: Darren Fells- Houston
  • Kicker: Jason Sanders- Dolphins
  • D/ST: New York Giants

I bring back Fitz in this week as he has the hapless Jets. And I am very lucky to have Mattison this week, who I think will be a RB1 this week IF Cook doesn’t play.

I’ve gone for Claypool. Yes I know I shouldn’t chase points, but I am not sure Dionte Johnson will go this week. Claypool could have a decent game this week.

The other picks were autopicks due to ownership numbers and match-ups, and with Sanders kicking 10 Field Goals in the last 2 weeks.

Don’t forget Rush Nation, if you wish to get involved, drop us an email at [email protected] or drop us a DM on Twitter @5YardRush.

However, until next week, Keep Rushing!

– Murf (@Murf_NFL)

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