I Streamed a Stream- Week 6

What a shock the stream gave me this week. Just when I thought I had made some real headway, the stream came back to floor me back to planet Earth.

I went down in every category with the exception of Quarterback and D/ST. The gamble picks of chasing upside did blow up in my face. It’s not disastrous in terms of my quest for top 12 in each position. However, with the stream becoming lighter of talent, and bye weeks coming thick and fast, this is the part of the season that I need to be making strong progress.


As it currently stands, I am currently ranked:

QB:  11th Overall
RB:  31st Overall
WR:  29th Overall
TE:  8th Overall
K:  22nd Overall
D/ST:  4th Overall

In case you have forgotten, I am only allowed to use players that are currently under 30% owned from when I look at the players for our Waiver Wire article on Monday. So whilst I would love to still be playing players like Josh Allen and Darren Waller, because of their ownership, I cannot.

Running Back will always provide the biggest challenge, as will Wide Receiver. If you think the first 7 or 8 rounds of a Fantasy Football Draft are usually Wide Receiver and Running Back heavy, it is going to be a challenge to find a top 12 RB or WR combined.

This week proved this. With the gamble of Wilkins and Allison. Both couldn’t even get into the top 50 of their category this week. Because of this, my overall rankings plummeted. I also thought I had a decent week at Kicker, but, I actually lost ground here also. There was also ground lost at Tight End, however, because the position didn’t score highly this week, my terrible showing didn’t cost me a lot of places.

There was gains at Quarterback and D/ST, which boosted my overall position. But that only papered over the cracks of what was a very poor week.

Week 6 Picks

This week, I am looking to gain some positions back. Running Back seems to be the biggest challenge again this week, as will Wide Receiver. If you want to play along with me, go back to the Waiver Wire article we published on Monday.

I am also challenging any of you to a duel. Have a look at the ownership numbers on ESPN.co.uk and if you find better selections that are under 30% owned, then submit your picks and we will create a tab on the website.

My stream selections for this week are as follows:

QB:    Teddy Bridgewater- NO

RB:    Ito Smith- ATL

WR:   Dionte Johnson- PIT

TE:    Gerald Everett- LAR

K:     Matt Prater- DET

D/ST: Seahawks

I am chasing a safer floor, with upside. I am really struggling for talent at Running Back, but I am confident I could make some decent returns this week with these selections. 

Please go back and read the previous columns, and track the progress with me. It’s been fun so far. However, I know that it will get harder week to week, until we get to the last couple of weeks of the season. Please do also interact with us via the site or via twitter.

Please reach out to me on twitter @5yardrush. But until then Rush Nation, Keep Rushing.

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