I Streamed a Stream- Weeks 8+9

Rush Nation, it’s time for another I Streamed a Stream article. And this week, the Stream decided to take my good week last week and throw it back in my face. I have been absolutely ruined by a tough bit of luck to Edmonds getting injured and Stills not being as productive as could be. However, Ryan Tannehill came through with a QB1 performance (he finished 11th for the week), and I remain strong at Tight End, Kicker and D/ST.

As we are about to hit the tough bye weeks, I now need to kick into gear and really make a push in some areas. Notably WR and RB. I also need to move up at TE as want to be firmly in the top 6 before the end of the season. At the halfway point of the fantasy season however, I have a QB1, a TE1, a K1, and a D/ST1. However I current hold a RB4 and a WR3. For those of you who aren’t familiar, I am comparing this to the standard 12 team league and I am looking to achieve a number 1 ranked player in each position.


As it currently stands, I currently rank:

QB:  6th Overall- Up 4
RB:  38th Overall- Down 2
WR:  32nd Overall- Down 4
TE:  10th Overall- No Gain
K:  9th Overall- No Gain
D/ST:  3rd Overall- Up 1

I am only using using players who are under 30% owned from when I look at the players for our Waiver Wire article on Monday.

I am not confident I will end up with a top 12 Running Back or Wide Receiver. However, if I can stream into the RB2, WR2 conversation, I will be happy.

As mentioned, having Edmonds get hurt didn’t help and Stills didn’t do the business either. As a result, I need to have a stronger week this week to chase the deficit. Therefore, I am now chasing upside in some positions, whilst playing safe in others.

All in all, improvement needed.


This week, I am looking to gain some positions back. Running Back seems to be the biggest challenge again this week, as will Wide Receiver. If you want to play along with me, go back to the Waiver Wire article we published on Monday.

I am also challenging any of you to a duel. Have a look at the ownership numbers on ESPN.co.uk and if you find better selections that are under 30% owned, then submit your picks and we will create a tab on the website. Trust me, it is not as easy as it looks. Not that I am making this look easy.

My stream selections for this week are as follows:

QB:    Ryan Tannehill- TEN

RB:    Mark Walton- MIA

WR:   Cole Beasley- BUF

TE:    Jonnu Smith- Ten

K:     Jason Myers- SEA

D/ST: Jets

I do worry about Running Back. Walton has a safe floor but isn’t getting Touchdowns. With Drake turning up in Arizona, even though I don’t think he plays much, he could and stifle Zenner.

Please go back and read the previous columns, and track the progress with me. It’s been fun so far. However, I know that it will get harder week to week, until we get to the last couple of weeks of the season. Please do also interact with us via the site or via twitter.

Please reach out to me on twitter @5yardrush. But until then Rush Nation, Keep Rushing.

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