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Week 2 Picks and Review:

Apologies for the tardiness of this column. Last week was spent on the road, meaning getting this out on time was close to impossible. However, I did tweet the stream picks out on Sunday before the 6pm games, so you can check our twitter to see the picks I made this week.

If you have just found this column, read the Week 1 column here. I am attempting to build a team of streamers for a season. Also, it’s in PPR format and there is a 30% ownership threshold. Therefore, if a player goes over 30% owned, I will need to find a replacement. I take the ownership figures from ESPN and take them on Monday afternoon for when the Waiver Wire column is written.


Week 1 Review

If you missed week 1, the link is above. Here is how I got on:

Players Week 1 Pts Week Rank
QB- Josh Allen 18.0 16
RB- Frank Gore 2.0 67
WR- Ted Ginn 17.1 24
TE- Darren Waller 14.0 7
K– Matt Bryant 0.0 31
D/ST– Cowboys 6.0 17

There were some good results here. Josh Allen finished outside the top 12, but he didn’t leave me with a huge deficit. It looked worse at half-time, but it got better as he turned around the Bills fortunes to deliver a win.

Darren Waller was the big beneficiary of Antonio Brown leaving Oakland, and it’s a shame he will be claimed above the threshold very soon.

Ted Ginn produced just enough for me and was another good selection.

However both Frank Gore and Matt Bryant were disastrous selections. And I cannot believe Bryant didn’t even get the chance to kick in the game. As for Gore, I thought he would get more touches.

All in all, 4 out of 6 were respectable scores, with 2 absolute shockers. Let’s see how Week 2 goes.


Week 2 Review

There is still Monday Night Football between the Browns and the Jets to be concluded, but these were the selections.

Players Week 2 Pts WR TP Cumulative Rank
QB- Josh Allen 22.2 7 40.2 12
RB- Chris Thompson 10.1 25 12.1 46
WR- John Ross 21.2  9 39.8 16
TE- Darren Waller 12.3 8 26.3 8
K– Aldrick Rosas 2 27 2 30
D/ST– Cowboys 1 28 7 23

WR= Week Rank
TP= Total Points (Season)

Once again, it was a case of 4/6 for me. To get 3 top 10 picks is pleasing, and also good to get a top 25 RB. However, if I had gone Mostert, it would have been a top 5 RB. Those things are going to happen, and I chased the PPR points with the wrong man. However, plenty of time to rebound and get close to the top 12.


Going Forward- The Stream Table

Starting from this week, there will be access to the sheet on the site, so you can see the cumulative totals.

Please do interact with me on @5yardrush and share with me your thoughts and your stories of using our Waiver Wire picks. The Waiver Wire article will be dropping every Monday, so please do read this for our Waiver Wire options. However, if you want this in audio form, we will be dropping the Waiver Wire Podcast on our flagship show on Tuesday’s.

That’s it for now, heres to the stream. So until next week Rush Nation, keep rushing!

-Murf @5yardrush