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Howdy Rush Nation, welcome back to my Individual Defensive Player (IDP) article. My job is to find you the top defensive fantasy streamers of the week.

Only but one rule applies about the streamers. Each player discussed will be rostered by no more than twenty percent of fantasy managers (via Yahoo). 

This week’s main play is inspired by my Warrior Bowl division name. Because, I am competing in this week for the “Predator division” championship. No IDP there. However, perhaps it’s up for debate in next year’s contest, fellas?  Now Rush Nation, let’s get you that ship!!!


(DL) Quinnen Williams NYJ @ LAR – 11% Rostered- (2.48 projection)

The former first-round selection has surpassed his projection in all but three contests this season. The Rams have found recent success in the running game. And I don’t see them moving away from that game plan when they face the winless Jets. The Rams line can struggle at times. And I believe Williams will be an effective play in the trenches this week.

(DL) Josh Sweat PHI @ ARI – 2% Rostered- (1.47 projection)

Josh has had a low projection all year due to his average snaps per game in the low thirties. The Eagles pressure the opposing quarterback about twenty-four percent of the time and have sacked the signal-caller forty-eight times this season. Sweat has six sacks and nine tackles for loss on the year, with the NFC East crown still up for grabs; I expect Sweat to show up hungry.

(LB) Jason Pierre-Paul TB @ ATL – 10% Rostered- (5.92 projection)

 JPP has only missed his projection two times this season; he has been an IDP scoring machine outside of that. Jason has fifty-two blitzes and has hurried the opposing quarterback six times this season. The Falcons have allowed thirty-three sacks (10th worst) this season, and JPP has thirty-one solo tackles and nine and a half sacks to date.

(LB) Jon Bostic WFT vs. SEA – 8% Rostered- (6.60 projection)

 Bostic has allowed a 71% completion percentage to opposing receivers in coverage, yet he has ninety-six tackles on the year. Jon missises around one in every ten tackle opportunities. With how Seattle’s line is made, I do not anticipate they will be rushing much aside from the eleven carries per contest that Carson averages, thus making Bostic a fantastic play in the defensive passing game.

(DB) Eric Rowe MIA vs. NE – 8% Rostered- (4.87 projection)

The list time Rowe saw New England, he had a combined five tackles. Each team is a tad different from what they were in week one; therefore, I think New England tries to control the clock giving Rowe, and the Dolphins secondary, a hefty amount of opportunity this week. You do not have to look at stats to see how horrible Patriots quarterbacks have been fairing as of late. If Miami gets ahead early and forces Cam to throw, or worse, they put Stidham in, Rowe will eat.

(DB) Chauncey Gardner-Johnson NO vs. KC- 1% Rostered- (0.00 projection)

Mahomes and the Kansas City offense showed they are human after last week turning over the ball four times. Gardner-Johnson has been targeted eighty times in coverage and has been given the green light to rush the quarterback twenty-four times, resulting in a sack, two hurries, and two quarterback knockdowns. If New Orleans wants to stay in the game, they will have to make a statement early, and Chauncey seems to be the man for the job.


(DB) Brandon Jones MIA vs. NE – 0% Rostered- (1.64 projection)

I would imagine you aren’t looking to gamble on the IDP side of things come week two of playoffs (for most), but if you feel like getting cute and spicy, allow me to introduce you to Mr. Jones. Averaging seven total tackles a game in his last two outings, he has also been sent on blitz over thirty times this season. Seeing as the Patriots find the best success from the short pass and running game, I anticipate a few opportunities for Jones. If he catches heat or the contest gets out of hand, he could see more than his weekly average of thirty-eight percent of snaps. 


(DL) Sheldon Richardson CLE vs. NYG – 11% Rostered- (5.19 projection)

Richardson averages the third-most snaps of any defensive lineman in Cleveland and has four and a half sacks to show for it. Ok, not wowed…  Sheldon also has fifty-three combined tackles on the season. The G-men are atrocious upfront and have tallied up an 8.9% sack rate (Sacks per passing attempt which is 2nd worst in the NFL. 

(LB) Jermaine Carter CAR @ GB – 0% Rostered- (3.58 projection)

Carter has become a fluent part of Carolina’s defense as of late, seeing his snaps increase by the week since week 10. Seventeen points in the last four games played, he also has a missed tackle percentage of 3.2, meaning when he gets ahold of you, chances are you aren’t getting away. Green bay may try to expose him in both the passing and rushing game, thus creating opportunity.

(DB) Jahleel Addae LAC @ LV – 0% Rostered- (1.71 projection) 

Unfortunately, injuries are a part of the game, but with bad also comes the opportunity for another player to show what he can do. Addae, who was signed when the Chargers needed secondary depth, posted just over six fantasy points last week, and I expect more of the same this week given his matchup with the Patriots. Not only that, but the man’s nickname is “ The Predator,” which is pretty sweet. 

That is all I have for this upcoming week; a thousand thank yous for reading and good luck in your final push to your fantasy playoffs. My line is always open, and I always welcome feedback of any sort! Here’s to week 15, and as always, happy streaming Rush Nation, now push onward and bring home the IDP hardware!

 -Mase (@Caliking49er17)

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