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IDP + Scoring – A new UK industry standard

Welcome to 5 Yard Rush IDP a new place for all things IDP. We felt that the IDP world needed a shake up, so we give you our IDP + scoring, which we feel will be the industry standard in just a few years here in the UK!

Our goal is to get more people playing IDP and enjoying both the Offensive and Defensive parts of the game.

One of the major issues we’ve found with IDP is a lack of a standard scoring system. Here at 5 yard rush we have developed IDP + a new, simple and enjoyable scoring system, which rewards good Defensive play across the positions.

We understand that change is not easy, especially for us in the UK. As a result we have paid particular attention to comparing the IDP + Scoring to the standard offensive PPR scoring. This is to help the transition of existing non IDP players joining and above all embracing IDP leagues.

For new fantasy football players we have made the IDP + Scoring as easy as possible to learn and understand.

Over the coming weeks we will be reviewing the scoring in more detail discussing the decisions we have made in articles and podcasts. Yep hold tight for a new IDP podcast on the 5 Yard Network!

In IDP + for scoring purposes we have decided to concentrate on the 3 positions of IDP that most platforms favour, these are as follows:

Defensive Line (DL): Defensive Edge and Defensive Tackle.

Linebacker (LB): Which covers all Linebacker positions.

Defensive Back (DB): Cornerbacks and Safety.

IDP + Scoring – The Points Breakdown

All IDP’s regardless of position will be able to score points for the following:

1 Point: Assisted Tackle

1.5 Points: Solo Tackle

3 Points: Forced Fumble, Fumble Recovery and Pass Defended

4 Points: Tackle for a loss

5 Points: Sack

6 Points: Interception and Defensive Touchdown.

Murf’s IDP Rankings and the 2020 IDP + Scoring spreadsheet will be available on the 5 Yard rush website for all to see in the coming weeks. These documents in addition to our IDP content will give you guys the head start on the competition and as a result bring in those ships.

5 Yard IDP + Leagues

During June and July, we will be putting together multiple IDP + Leagues using our favoured SF IDP + format with rosters consisting of: 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1PK, 1SuperFlex, 2DL, 2LB, 2DB, 1 IDP Flex & 12BN

If you would like to join one of our leagues please DM @NatoNFL on twitter.

Alternatively setup your own league and adopt or change the scoring as you wish.

We hope this helps IDP take off and gets more people enjoying the defensive side of the game we love here in the UK.

Enjoy IDP and remember guys keep rushing.

-Nath @NatoNFL

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