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IDP Streamers NFL WEEK 9 – “What’s up, Bud?”

Howdy Rush Nation, welcome back to my Individual Defensive Player (IDP) arcadia. My name is Mason, and my job is to find you the top defensive fantasy streamers of the week. Only but one rule applies around these parts: each player discussed will be rostered by no more than twenty percent of fantasy managers. (via Yahoo) Last week, my player’s overall combined point total was 64.2, MORE THAN DOUBLING the combined projection of 30.2 points. That has my count at +51.53 above point since the article first began back in week 6. So here goes IDP Streamers NFL WEEK 9 – “What’s up, Bud?”  


Jerry Tillery- Los Angeles Chargers- 0% Rostered- VS LV (2.46 projection)

Tillery has not been anything special this year; however, the Raiders run the ball just over thirty times a game. Plenty of opportunity for Jerry, who is in on 66% of the Chargers defensive snaps.

Romeo Okwara- Detroit Lions- 3% Rostered- @ MIN (3.50 projection)

I love having a player like Okwara in my lineup because he has surpassed his projection in six games this season. The Vikings like to keep the ball on the ground, so look for Romeo to get a few tackles and surpass his projection yet again..


Whitney Mercilus- Houston Texans- 0% Rostered- @ JAX  (4.74 projection)

Mercilus is in 69% of defensive snaps while Jacksonville is going with rookie Jake Luton at quarterback with Minshew inactive. Whitney has four sacks this season, and I expect him to add more this week against the subpar Jay Gruden gameplan. 

Bud Dupree- Pittsburgh Steelers- 5% Rostered- @ DAL (5.54 projection)

Coming off of a monster divisional win with a forced fumble and a sack, Dupree is the backer with the highest snap percentage in Pittsburgh (88.2). Dallas is struggling in every aspect of their offense, so I anticipate an immense outing for Bud.


Emmanuel Moseley- San Francisco 49ers – 1% Rostered- @ GB (1.94 projection)

Although Moseley was torched by his man all of last week, he still quadrupled his projection. Multiple questions on San Francisco’s defense leads me to believe Rodgers will be “lighting the sky” on Thursday night. Moseley will be in the hunt for fantasy points all evening.

Quandre Diggs- Seattle Seahawks- 1% Rostered- @ BUF (4.66 projection)

Quandre has two interceptions and three pass deflections this season. Buffalo averages thirty-one pass attempts per game at home, and Wilson has the Seahawks offense pumping on all cylinders. I trust Seattle’s high-powered offense will make Allen throw more than usual, thus creating a higher probability for Diggs to rack up points.


Trevon Diggs -Dallas Cowboys – 4% Rostered- VS PIT (2.53 projection)

Last week Trevon went off intercepting the ball twice while also deflecting four passes. Big Ben and company throw the ball an average of thirty-three times while at home. Diggs has surmounted his projection seven times this season.


Krys Barnes.- Green Bay Packers- 2% Rostered- VS SF (0.00 projection)

San Francisco’s offense has been off the rails for most of the season and badly injured. The 49ers have run the ball an average of thirty-two times and have had six turnovers in the past three games. Bynes has four or more tackles in five games this season.  

That is all I have for this upcoming week; a thousand thank yous for reading. My total thus far is 84.04 projected points and 135.57 actual points. My line is always open; here’s to IDP Streamers NFL WEEK 9, and as always, happy streaming Rush Nation!

 Mase (@caliking49er17)

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