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IDP Streamers Week 11- “Win Sieler”

 Howdy Rush Nation, welcome back to IDP Streamers Week 11 or as it is more affectionately known, my Individual Defensive Player (IDP) arcadia. My name is Mason, and my job is to find you the top defensive fantasy streamers of the week. Only but one rule applies around these parts: each player discussed will be rostered by no more than twenty percent of fantasy managers (via Yahoo). Last week, my player’s overall combined point total was 46.50, and the combined projection of all players was 30.64 points. That has my count at +74.02 above projection since the article first began back in week 6. 


Zach Sieler- Miami Dolphins- 0% Rostered- @ DEN (0.58 projection)

Sieler has eight quarterback hits and a sack and a half in nine games played this season. Denver’s offense is top ten in offensive plays per game, so look for Sieler to see the field a lot. (He just signed a three year $9 million deal this week.) 

Kingsley Keke- Green Bay Packers- 0% Rostered- @ IND (2.45 projection)

Keke accounts for the third most defensive lineman snaps per game. Indianapolis has averaged just under forty passing attempts per game in their last three games. Rivers is not very mobile, and Kingsley is useful in the pass rush.


Nicholas Morrow – Las Vegas Raiders- 0% Rostered- VS KC  (3.46 projection)

 Unfortunately, Covid-19 has affected numerous Vegas players; however, it has led to some breakout fantasy players, much like Nicholas. The last time these teams met, Morrow had a tackle for loss. I expect the offense playcalling to be potent this week in Kansas City, as the Chiefs would hate to go winless against their division rivals. 

Matt Judon – Baltimore Ravens- 3% Rostered- VS TEN (6.80 projection)

Judon is the second most active linebacker on the Baltimore roster and has three sacks on the year. Tennessee has a well-balanced gameplan that fits well with Judons style of play.  


J.C. Jackson- New England Patriots – 4% Rostered- @ HOU (4.67 projection)

Houston throws the ball an average of thirty-six times a game. Jackson has a four-game interception streak. Houston’s Watson has had a QBR of below 75.0 in his last three contests, and the Patriots have intercepted their opponent eleven times; six of those are J.C.

Chauncy Gardner-Johnson – New Orleans Saints – 2% Rostered- @ ATL (0.00 projection)

Atlanta is fourth in passing plays per game. Chauncy has forty-two tackles on the season, yet he still is looking for his first interception, and I believe this is the week he gets it against Matt Ryan and company.


Ashtyn Davis – New York Jets – 0% Rostered – @ LAC (3.35 projection)

New York is still winless and has made a few changes in their secondary in recent weeks. Davis was a highly regarded (walk-on) prospect from the University of California known for his coverage play. Ashtyns playtime became a weekly occurrence in week seven, and the Jets put him on the field eighty-one times in week nine.


Malik Reed – Denver Broncos – 0% Rostered- VS MIA (3.71 projection)

Miami has a young dual-threat quarterback, so Reed and Denver’s other linebackers should be tested this week. Malik has his best fantasy weeks when he logs a sack, and I believe he will have one of those this week.

That is all I have for this upcoming IDP Streamers Week 11; a thousand thank yous for reading. My total thus far is 140.05 projected points and 214.07 actual points. My line is always open; here’s to week 11, and as always, happy streaming Rush Nation!

      Mase (@caliking49er17

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