Injury Report – Week 12

Rush Nation we are back with the Injury Report! As we have players coming back to health, there are new players to be aware of this week. Also, you will find more names appear on the report Wednesday/Thursday and Friday this week. So please do keep an eye out on that.

The big news this week is that James Conner is injured again. There was also Matt Stafford’s back injury. Not to mention, George Kittle missing his second game in a row and Emmanuel Sanders playing but looking banged up.

The major situations to watch out for this week are Pittsburgh’s Wide Receivers and San Francisco’s passing options. Pittsburgh might have James Conner out, as mentioned, and Benny Snell Jr. will not return this week so keep an eye out. Also, the back field’s of the Falcons, Colts and Lions are something else to watch out for. Check out our Waiver Wire article this week to see who we recommend you pick up for this week. 

With bye weeks finishing on Sunday, and the fantasy playoffs just around the corner, it is time to work the wire and make the most of the players available. If you are carrying some injuries and own the players below, then you might want to work Free Agency ASAP as this is the best time to get your replacements in.

So without further ado, here are the players on our Injury Report this week:



If you own any of these players, then keep an eye on twitter beat reports, or the teams injury reports. On top of that, as we saw last week, quite a few players get added to the reports later on in the week. This is just to help you with your planning for the week. If you have any injury questions, then please do get in touch with us @5yardrush on twitter. However, until later on this week, Keep Rushing.

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