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Introducing… 5 Yard College!

It has been one hell of a ride here at 5 Yard Rush. This week, the site reached an historic milestone – 100,000 downloads. Thanks must go to Stocks and Murf for their exceptional hosting skills and the endless hours they have invested to make this entire enterprise a success. We are also indebted to the excellent efforts of Lee, the hardest working individual in the entire organisation behind the scenes.

Our outstanding team of writers continue to churn out work for the voracious fantasy football community on Facebook and Twitter. They balance busy home and work lives to bring you fantasy football analysis daily.

Every guest who has appeared on the podcast, big or small, has helped to elevate the 5 Yard Rush brand over the short time. We thank them for their time to talk about the game they love with us.

Thank you

We’ve saved the biggest, and most important, thank you for last. To our loyal base of listeners, thank you for letting us into your footballing lives. Without you, this whole endeavour doesn’t exist. We appreciate you, and hope to continue to entertain you.

5 Yard College

As the 5 Yard brand goes from strength to strength, we are delighted to announce a brand new member of the 5 Yard family – the 5 Yard College podcast.

The aim of the podcast is to offer NFL fans here in the UK an insight into the crazy world of collegiate football. The podcast offers a year-round insight into the talents set to enter the NFL Draft, whilst keeping you abreast of the goings on in the college game.

We hope that this podcast will be many things to many of you. If you’re an NFL fan with little knowledge of college ball, we’ve got you covered. If you’re a year-round draft nut, we’ve got you too. Dynasty team owners that want to prepare for their upcoming rookie drafts? You’ll get frequent analysis of the best players declaring for the NFL. If you just want to listen to more Brits talk American football, pull up a seat.

We are excited to take the next step with you, Rush Nation. Follow 5 Yard College on Twitter @5yardcollege – remember, Saturdays are for rushing too!

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