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Jefferson Proves Fantasy Worth At US Bank Stadium

Jefferson Proves Fantasy Worth At US Bank Stadium

The number one overall pick in fantasy football drafts this year was often Jonathan Taylor. Justin Jefferson was also seen very highly by many fantasy players.

The Minnesota Vikings wide receiver was often taken as the first or second overall wideout after an impressive first two seasons.

Jefferson once proved his worth once again in Sunday’s exciting 29-22 win over the Chicago Bears.

Jefferson Carries On From The Last Two Seasons

The aforementioned first two seasons were outstanding from Jefferson, with two straight 1,000-yard seasons. He earned a total of 3,016 across his rookie and sophomore years.

He has not let these two campaigns affect his production, with a league leading 547 yards and two touchdowns in his first five games. This has him projected to finish the season with 1,860 yards and seven touchdowns.

This would also put Jefferson, who is already 21st in the statistic, fourth for most receiving yards in any single season in NFL history.

He certainly proved all of the teams wrong that passed on him, after the 22nd overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. There were four wideouts taken before Jefferson, with CeeDee Lamb (2,378) the only player to have over half the receiving yards that Jefferson (3,563) has accomplished so far.

Lead Role In Win Over Bears

Despite not scoring a touchdown, Jefferson still ran the show when it came to receiving yards. This gave myself and the rest of the crowd some real entertainment value in what is one of the best stadiums I have ever been to.

The Vikings put on a good show offensively, particularly in the first two quarters. Anything that went right for the Vikings went through their number 18. He was the key for everything good.

From 12 receptions, Jefferson caught for 154 yards. This is just under 100 more than the next best receiver of the day, in running back David Montgomery who recorded 62.

If Jefferson is in your line up already, make sure he is your WR1. There are not going to be many receivers that will get more points on Fantasy Football this season. He is the main target for quarterback Kirk Cousins, which will see him get multiple points for receptions as well as the yards he records. If he is not on your team and you want to get him, good luck as you will need to give up some prize assets in order to secure his services.

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