Wide receiver against Cornerback, the age old gridiron battle. Last week my wide receivers to stay away from or play with caution were Mike Evans, Alshon Jeffrey, D.J. Chark and Josh Gordon. Heres how they faired in 0.5 PPR leagues.

  • Mike Evans – 16.9 Fantasy Points – WR 10 on the week.
  • Alshon Jeffrey – 11.3 Fantasy Points – WR 21 on the week.
  • D.J. Chark – 6.4 Fantasy Points – WR 42 on the week.
  • Josh Gordon – 6.1 Fantasy Points – WR 45 on the week.

Apart from Evans, this was a good week for the Cornerbacks in this week’s assessments. Evans week was saved by a long bomb touchdown which garnered him 67 of his 89 yards. None the less that’s Fantasy and it saved his day. Alshon Jeffrey was upon his projection but still scored well under the numbers you were hoping as your WR2.

How a receiver does against his projected scoring is how we want to look at these stat lines. By knowing who your receivers are matched up against might help you pivot away from them, despite a juicy looking projection of fantasy points. Heres how the aforementioned guys did vs their projections again in 0.5 PPR.

  • Mike Evans – Projected points 15 – Actual 16.9.  Up 12.6%
  • Alshon Jeffrey – Projected points 10.5 – Actual 11.3.  Up 7.6%
  • D.J. Chark – Projected points 10.4 – Actual 6.4.  Down 39.5%
  • Josh Gordon – Projected points 9.7 – Actual 6.1.  Down 37.1%

This Weeks Lock Downs

D.J. Chark vs The Panthers

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Chark. I even find myself singing his name to the tune of baby shark! Let’s get real here Rush Nation, the Panthers defence is no joke. River Boat Ron has the Panthers humming with Allen under centre. The defence is keeping the Panthers in games and allowing Allen to be himself.

The Panthers are currently allowing just 20 FPPG (Fantasy points per game) to wideouts. That’s across all receivers per game and a league 6th best. They just held the high flying Texans to 10 points. The Panthers also are a league-best 6th against Quarterbacks in FPPG. We all know the Quarterback throws to the receivers and if the Panthers are keeping both positions to less than 20 FPPG it spells trouble for Chark.

Chark only had four receptions for 44 yards against the Broncos. The Panthers run the ball much more efficiently than the Broncos do and can control the clock with Mr 37 touch Christian McCaffrey. James Bradberry has been playing lights out at Cornerback for the Panthers and is expected to shadow Chark this week. Again expect Chark to be projected around the 10/11 points mark but fall below this mark.

Tyler Lockett Vs The Rams

In week four against the Cardinals, Lockett caught all four of his targets for 51 yards and no touchdown. Seattle’s alpha wideout will see either coverage from Aqib Talib or Marcus Peters. The Seahawks are another team who like to run the ball, a lot. I mean silly amounts of running, 9th most in the league at 43.4% run plays. Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny will grind out the yards against the Rams defensive line which could prove tough sledging. In order for Lockett to have a good day, he will need a big chunk play to get those Fantasy points.

The trouble with this is up until Mike Evans’s big 67-yard play in which he was covered by Marcus Peters, Peters had been elite. He had given up just 124 yards all season when being targeted. Matched up with Aqib Talib is either no mean feat. Since week 12 last year, up until the Bucs game last weekend, the Rams hadn’t given up more than 1 touchdown to receivers in any game. This season Talib has given up on average 10.9 FPPG and Peters just 8.8 FPPG.

Lockett has averaged 14.5 FPPG so far through his four contests and this matchup looks frightening on paper. Especially if Jared Goff keeps doing Jared Goff things and turns the ball over at an alarming rate. Goff has fumbled the ball in TEN straight games. Over the last 10 regular-season games, Goff has 12 fumbles (8 lost) and 12 interceptions. This will mean that the Seahawks can run the ball even more than normal and control the clock. Lockett’s ceiling could be capped by the low pass attempts if the Hawks keep the ball on the ground. He scored just 7.1 Fantasy points against the Cardinals out of a projected 15.7. This script could repeat once more against the Rams.

A.J. Brown & Corey Davis Vs The Bills

Ladies, Gentlemen, Boys and Girls I give you two of the top ten fantasy receivers from week four. A.J. Brown was number three and Corey Davis was number nine. Brown had three receptions for 94 yards and two touchdowns. The three receptions came off just three targets. Maximum efficiency right there. Corey Davis hauled in five receptions for 91 yards and a touchdown. Fantasy owners have been waiting since what feels like 1739 for Davis to have another big game. As Good as the Titans receivers were it was the abysmal tackling from the Falcons which helped them inflate their yardage.

The Buffalo Bills defence has been full force recently and kept Brady to 150 yards with an interception against the Bills. He threw for just 3.8 yards per attempt and finished with a 45.9 passer rating. It was Brady’s worst career passer rating in a win. I said the Bills would hold the Patriots receivers to low fantasy numbers last week and I was spot on. No Patriots wideout scored more than 6.1 Fantasy points against the Bills and that was Josh Gordon. Julian Edelman scored 5 and Phillip Dorsett a lowly 2.9 in 0.5 PPR leagues.

The Bills are currently 3rd best in the league in points given up to the WR position. Just 17.1 FPPG.  Against a Titans team that up until last week was averaging just 4.46 FPPG at the wideout position. The Bills are also 4th in the league in FPPG given up to Quarterbacks. They are allowing a fairly low 14.4 FPPG in this department. They will be seating coming of that close divisional loss to the Patriots and will be after Marcus Mariota quick time this week. If you have picked up either Titans receiver off the waiver wire this week then I would temper expectations against a good Bills defence.

To Block At The Line?

I picked four matchups last week and I’ve pipped for three this week. I’m aiming to bring you an in-depth look into each match up and the number of players I choose each week will be different. Who knows if these guys flop then perhaps ill start an E-book.

Good luck week five, to those of you 4-0, congrats and the playoff push is real. Teams who are 3-1 and 2-2, knuckle down and chase the top spot. It’s within reach. All else who are 1-3 and the scary 0-4, fear not. infant don’t even worry if you lose again this week. Any team that drafted well, uses the waiver wire correctly and trades but is still 0-4 has been unlucky. from what looks like an unusual

Until next week, Keep Rushing.

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