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Chasing Points – Lock it down Week Two

So Rush Nation I would say I went 2-1 last week. Not a racing start to the season but given the way Nuke got targeted against the 49ers, I’ll take my medicine there as he racked up points. Week one was awesome and showed us what true professionals the NFL players, coaches and staff are. All COVID guidelines followed and a superb weekend of football was had by all. If like me you didn’t get off to a great start and just managed to break .500 across all your leagues, then better things will come. Trust your process, follow the beat writers and make those waiver claims. All will come good.

Here is how the week went for my three selections, the scoring will be 0.5 PPR.

  • Devante Parker – WR53 – 6.7 Fantasy Points = Win
  • Sterling Shepard – WR43 – 7.7 Fantasy Points = Win
  • DeAndre Hopkins – WR6 – 22.1 Fantasy Points = Loss

A Quick Review of how the points never came

Parker went into the game with a hamstring injury and, after catching all four of his targets, he left injured. He didn’t return and looks like he will miss some weeks because of it.

Sterling Shepard also caught all of his targets (6) on what was a quiet night for him. I had him scoring 12.3 Fantasy Points and he didn’t come close. This was a good matchup to fade Shep in even with Tate out.

Ah, Nuke. way to blow up my thoughts about the air raid. If you listened to Tuesdays Podcast then Murf dispels some of the reasons for this process and why Nuke went off. He didn’t even find the end zone yet was a top-six Wide Receiver. I still believe this to be an outlier and it is from this point on where I will either be right or hella wrong.

Week Two Selections

Will Fuller Vs The Ravens

In a week one where the Watson to Fuller connection was on full show the Texans went up against a Chiefs Defence that could be scored upon. This week they take on the formidable secondary of The Ravens. Last week the Ravens only allowed 10.4 Fantasy Points to OBJ and Landry. Two very good Wideouts who should have done better. That being said, Baltimore had a very good 2019 being middle of the pack and giving up 32 points per game to opposing Wide Receivers.

This week I can see the Baltimore front seven causing chaos for the Texans O-Line and making Watson panic and run, or stay in the pocket too long as he is prone to doing. This will lead to sacks and a loss of yardage meaning bigger plays are needed or throws on the run into a shark-filled secondary. You only had to watch Rookie Patrick Queen last week and how well he fits into the Ravens scheme to know he will be trouble for Watson.

Whilst Fuller has speed for days and I expect him to be tracked by Marlon Humpreys who is as good as any Cornerback in the League against deep threats. If The Texans are relying on Fuller’s deep threat ability on hurried throws I can see picks happening. I have Fuller down as getting 18 Fantasy points this week and I think that is his ceiling. That projects him as my WR 21 as a low-end WR2, not what you’re hoping for after last week.

AJ Brown Vs The Jaguars

The matchup wasn’t ideal against the Broncos in Denver. The altitude would have played havoc after little training, the game script was back and forth and Tannehill looked locked onto Corey Davis. Whilst I expect things to be very different this week they will be for very different reasons. I think this is a Derrick Henry game in which the defenseless Jags D-Line can be exploited by the Titans run game. The Jags only gave up 16.1 Fantasy Points last week to a team built very similarly to the Titans in the Colts.

The Colts used the Running game and check downs to do their damage against The Jags. I think Henry and Jonnu Smith provide the same blueprint for The Titans this week. If Corey Davis is used again then these targets will take away from Brown and his big-play upside. The fewer targets he sees, the smaller his chance at blowing up becomes. That’s just simple math. Again, like Fuller i have Brown scoring an ok 15.5 Fantasy Points, but certainly not what you were expecting when you drafted him. In a game that could be low scoring perhaps temper expectations for Brown’s upside this week.

Tyler Lockett Vs The Patriots

This could be said for both receivers in Seattle this week. In a case where the best Corner in the League faces one of the best duos of Receivers in the League, who plays where comes into mind. With Gilmore unlikely to shadow either guy it should open up opportunities for both Metcalf and Lockett. This is where the issues start. I feel they will eat into each other’s production.

The Hawks are too clever to let one guy be shadowed by Gilmore all game and if they do then fade that guy completely. If Seattle let Russ cook again then he will target whoever is open. Also, Bill Belichick is clever – he won’t allow the open Receiver too much room to move by using his Safeties and Corners to double the other guy. Trouble ahead.

The Patriots obviously trust Cam and his legs as was plain to see last week. They ran the ball a league-leading 42 times last week. Chewing the clock and letting the ground and pound do the work. They also threw the ball a measly 19 times, game management will be key for The Patriots. Seattle could well let Russ go wild again as they looked far removed from the run game of last year. If this does happen i can’t see either Wide Receiver exploding. Two of the best coaches in the League will duke it out for every yard.

I have Lockett and Metcalf getting 16.8 and 17 Fantasy points this week. Again, not the boom game you were hoping for and if I’m honest, I think one will be much lower. I’ve spread my chips as I couldn’t guess who. Play either with a little thought as to whether they could get Gilmored!

Until next week Rush Nation, Keep Rushing.

-Stocks @5yardrush

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