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Lumen Field: Atlanta at Seattle

Lumen Field: Atlanta at Seattle

Seattle is famous for the Space Needle and being the birthplace of Starbucks. However, the newly named Lumen Field is a must for anyone wishing to travel the United States to see a live NFL.
I went to the stadium yesterday as the Seattle Seahawks hosted the Atlanta Falcons. Eight hours behind the United Kingdom, there was a refreshing change in my NFL day routine. Rather than waiting until 6pm, the early slot started at 10am in Seattle. For anyone who, like me, is morning person, this felt weird but there was not a complaint in sight.


Burb’s Burgers was the sight pre-game. A bar full of Falcons and Seahawks fans, people gathered to watch the early slot. With burgers to die for, this place is a great spot for anyone wanting some pre-game atmosphere. After the conclusion of those games, along with the thousands that walked past this sports bar, it was time to head to the stadium.
When you arrive in Lumen Field, it is like nothing you have ever seen. You show your ticket, and then it is a free for all. From watching the game in the queue for food and drink to being able to get into any section without too much hassle, this stadium offers a much more unique one for any sports fan. 
Speaking of the food and drink, a regular size hotdog cost $7 and a footlong one cost $13. Whichever of the two you choose; you are sure not to be disappointed. 

From the Stands

Heading into my seat and I was instantly blown away by the size of the stadium. You can get a rough grasp when watching on the television but when you arrive in your seat and have a look around, you realise just how big the stadium is. The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and Wembley are both big, but the spaciousness of Lumen Field is eye catching. 
The weather certainly helped, with scorching heats of around 24 degrees Celsius, I certainly picked the right time to go. There was none of that famous Seattle rain, without a cloud in the sky. Despite a modern look, there was an old school feel to the stand I was sat in, with none in this section. 
The game itself was an entertaining one, particularly in the first half. 37 of the 50 points were scored in the first two quarters. The fans were loud, stamping their feet on the ground whenever the Falcons had the ball (particularly on third down). Atlanta’s late interception to seal the game drowned out the noise but fans were still in fairly positive spirit, with their 1-2 record not a shock to anyone.
There were no queues to get into the stadium, no issues getting out of the stadium. Everyone was friendly. I had to take a moment post-game to just take in this beautiful arena. Due to my seat, which was behind the goal and near the end zone, I took the opportunity to head down to the very front row. 
For five to ten minutes before everyone had to leave the stadium, escorted by workers, I sat there and just looked around me. There is no guarantee that I would be back here again. There was a poignant silence as I sat down in what was a very comfortable chair and reflected on where I was.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, this is a stadium that I would highly recommend. From the size to the atmosphere to the respectable costs, I haven’t had many better experiences in a sports arena. As I embark on a 77-day tour of the States, where I go to at least 20 stadiums, I do not feel I will have gone to many better by the end of the trip than Lumen Field.

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