Presidents Trophy Gameweek Review final whistle

Manic Monday – Presidents Trophy – Game week 2 Review

What a crazy game week that was! With so many injuries throughout the weekend, it had quite an effect on the week 2 matchups. Once again team Europe confirms 2 wins before the Monday night game but the USA pull one back at the same time.

Game ON!

A huge blow to Team USA, as ‘Captain America’ (The FTLS Boys), starts the season 0-2. They took a loss to Europe’s ‘AVFCJPS’ (James). Both teams entered the week without a win but James made sure Europe got a point this time and did it before the Monday night game. The FTLS Boys have a lot to make up in the coming weeks.

Another point before Monday for team Europe and again, it was from ‘Marvellous McIlroy’ (Freddie ‘the franchise tag’ Hall). For the second week running Freddie has his point in the bag by the end of Sunday. It looked like Team USA’s ‘Mr America’ (Ktompkinsii – Kevin) had this game wrapped up but Freddie came storming back to hand Kevin his first defeat.

Team USA managed to bag a point before Monday too. USA’s ‘JSnakeDFF (Jacob) went up against Europe’s ‘Benedict Arnold’ (Gary Haddow). These two teams also came into the matchup without a win which means the SFB9 winner has a big job to come back and start getting some points for Europe. Jacob will be happy to get a win under his belt and more importantly a point for Team USA.

The rest of the games all had to wait until the Monday night game between the Saints and the Raiders had finished.

Manic Monday

It was a bad game week for the captains as ‘Team 5 Yard Rush’ (Stocks and Murf) went up against The US team of ‘GoingFor2DotCom’ (Geoff). Geoff had everything pretty much wrapped up before Monday night but as the 5 Yard boys still had players to play it wasn’t quite confirmed. Once Monday night was out of the way the damage was done and team USA got the point.

‘We Selected Scut Farkus’ (Shacknado – Brian) came back strong after losing week 1 by beating Team Europe’s ‘JoshPattenden7’ (Josh) in week 2. Just like Brian’s teammate Geoff had done, this game was all wrapped up before the Monday night game. The Monday night game just put the final blow towards Josh. Josh now drops to 0-2 and now looks to week 3 to get that first win.

Finally, Team Europe’s ‘Roaring Poulter’ (PittsyNFL) had to come from behind to get the win. A few points down before Monday night gave Pittsy a bit of work to do. He was helped by his opponent not setting his line up. Team USA’s ‘Mericaaaaaa F*** YEAAA’ (DrakePFSA) went with a bold strategy of not selecting a TE or a DST and paid the price by handing Europe the point.

Scores on the Doors

After week 2 the teams are still All square. The scores are now-

Europe 6

USA 6.

With many key players getting injuries, this week’s waivers have the potential to change the balance of this competition. All eyes are now on week 3.

To keep updated and follow the Battle of the President’s Trophy is easy. Be sure to keep listening to the 5 Yard Rush Podcast and the For The Love of Sunday podcast. Or follow it all on twitter as the teams do battle @5yardrush and @FTLS_JBatts @FTLSundeday

Until next time, Keep Rushing

Pittsy – @PittsyNFL

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