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NFL Draft Profile – Rachaad White

NFL Draft Profile – Rachaad White

School – Arizona State Sun Devils

Position – Running back

Class – RS Senior

Height – 6’2” Weight – 210lbs

As a NFL Draft Profile – Rachaad White is an entruiging prospect. The Arizona State running back has only been a Division I footballer for 2 years, before that he was making a name for himself as a JUCO player. After two years at Mt. SAC, really catching fire in 2019, White decided to take the opportunity at the next level in 2020 with the Sun Devils. In those two years, the first being a shortened pandemic season, White has showcased his dual threat abilities. In 2021 he rushed for 1006 yards from 182 attempts, while notching up 15 rushing touchdowns. White improved his production out of the backfield, with 43 receptions for 456 yards and a touchdown.


A power back with an excellent turn of foot, White has many attributes that will have NFL teams taking a long hard look at him ahead of the Draft. Lining up in the backfield he stands out with his stature and size, but that does not hold him back when it comes to acceleration and agility. White is nimble for a big man, showcasing quick steps to glide past defenders, even in the tightest of spaces. When it looks like he is running down a dead end, his quick processing skills are on show. White only has what feels like half a second to react to what is in front of him. He stays composed and with said skills he can gain those extra yards and even break off a big run when other players would just run into contact.

His vision is above average. He keeps his eyes on the second level even before finding the first gap, giving him opportunities to break off big runs. White has a picture of what is about to unfold in the backfield and most of the time he is right. This makes it so he can keep running at speed and still manage to juke and spin his way past defenders as he can see what angle they are taking.

Awareness is King

What I really liked about White was that when in open space he knows his speed is not elite. So instead he keeps his eyes downfield while moving, knowing he has the beating of players with his side steps and quick feet. Intelligent enough to know what his best attributes are to make positive yards.

White also can be used in the passing game, an added bonus to his draft stock. He has good hands and has shown on numerous occasions he has the dual threat ability for the next level. Yards after catch, something that really stands out with the ball in his hand. Once White gets his head turned downfield after receiving the ball, and has space in front of him, you know it will take at least 2 tacklers to stop him from slipping past them.

Areas of Improvement

While I did mention White uses his vision well, he does sometimes run into danger by just heading straight down the centre instead of looking for a cut to the outside or following his blocks. In college he has been able to get away with it with his quick feet getting him past defensive lineman. In the NFL these lineman are stronger and faster and he will be punished. This can also be said with his patience behind the line. Sometimes it works out for the good, but White can be over patient. This gives defenders more time to break of the blocks and get into the backfield and make tackles for loss. Again at the next level it will become more of a problem.

Another concern is his physicalness. If White does not have any speed behind him then he usually ends up backwards after contact. This also shows up when asked to block or pick up the blitz. He has shown little success in those areas, which would rule out being used as a 3 down back.


Rachaad White is a player that will have eyes on him already. He has high level qualities that can see him succeed in the NFL. The concerns can either be worked on or just affect the role he could play. White performed very well at the Senior Bowl earlier in the month. White had some successful reps in pass pro and lined up as a receiver off the line of scrimmage. At the moment, I believe White is a day 2 prospect, with early round 3 being a realistic place he will be selected.

-Jordan Merrit @Jordm87

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