Points Make Prizes! 5 Yard Showdown, Week 1

This weekend was the inaugural week of the 5 Yard Showdown. With the ACC and Big XII back in action, the stage was set for Team Rush and Team College to go head-to-head. Points make prizes when you rush on Saturdays.

There were friendly rivalries to be played out between Ash/Sam and Tom/Mark on the side of Team College. Team Rush saw compatriots Oli and Jamie face off, too. In only three fixtures (Jack v Murf, Matt v Ben and Phil v Stocks) did the two tribes go to war.


Thursday was a good opening day at the office for Team College, largely thanks to Miami’s hammering of UAB. Ash’s QB2 D’Eriq King threw for 141 yards and 1 touchdown, rushing for 83 yards and another TD (27.35 points). Sam also managed to get in on the act, with Tight End Brevin Jordan, also of Miami, had 51 yards and a TD from just 3 receptions (14.1 points). The big winner of the night however was Tom, as Cam’Ron Harris enjoyed 144 total yards and 2 TDs (30.4 points).

Team Rush however had a slower start to the week. Oli’s Dee Wiggins of the Hurricanes had 25 receiving yards (5.5 points). Stocks’ Mike Harley, a Senior WR for the ‘Canes, managed 27 yards (5.7 points).


Team Rush had a collective mountain to climb going into Saturday’s match-ups. In the early kick-offs, it was Stocks who came out swinging. West Virginia Leddie Brown had 123 yards and 2 TDs at half time, with a 15 yard reception score to boot. The Mountaineers’ signal caller Jarret Doege had 3 TD throws in the first half, too. With Brown and Doege representing Team Rush, the favourites were off to a good start for the evening. Feeling like he was missing out, Ben got in on the act. West Virginia WR Sam James and Iowa State RB Breece Hall combined for 39 points.

In the later kick-offs, Sam Ehlinger and Trevor Lawrence went head-to-head as Ash took on Sam in an all-Team College affair. Ehlinger seemed to justify his selection over Lawrence at #1 overall, with 426 yards and 5 TDs (52.5 points). Sunshine managed 351 yards and a TD, with a further 2 with his feet (33.15).

Charleston Rambo (Oklahoma) and Travis Etienne (Clemson) combined for 47.9 points, as Oli cantered to victory over Jamie. With no SEC football in Week 2, many rosters failed to put out a full team. The hardest hit was Mark, who could only start Florida State’s Tamorrion Terry against Tom.

The top scorer of the week was Stocks, who made his mark with an impressive 137.15 points overall. Louisville’s Micale Cunningham picked up where Leddie Brown left off, with 343 yards, 3 TDs (with a further 24 yards and 1 TD on the ground) and 1 interception. It was enough for Cunningham to bring home 40.55 points.

Intra-team fixtures to one side, Team College came out on top in the end. Stocks brushed aside a Spencer Rattler-led team for Phil (137.15 – 87.25). Matt saw off Ben despite missing an RB and WR from his starting roster. SaRodorick Thompson had 118 yards and 2 TDs on the ground for Texas Tech (28.1 points). Dez Fitzpatrick’s 110 yard game at WR for Louisville (21 points) brought home the bacon. In the end, Phil of Team College saw of the Rush’s Ben by 107.9 – 91.5.

Finally, in the closest game of the day, Jack of Team College beat out Team Rush and Murf by just 0.45 points! Murf’s “Gators or Traitors” could only field 6 starters to Jack’s 8. Unsurprisingly, QBs brought home the most points for each team. Duke’s Chase Brice, playing in the superflex position for Jack, had 259 passing yards and a TD (20.95 points). His QB1, Ian Book, had a less impressive opening game as Notre Dame overcame Duke. Texas Tech’s Alan Bowman and Kansas State’s Skylar Thompson combined for 58.25 points, but it wasn’t enough to close the gap. With depleted resources, Murf went desperately close to sealing the day for Team Rush, but Jack held him off.

Team College 2-1 Team Rush

Top scoring team: 5YardStocks (137.15 points)

Top scoring player: Sam Ehlinger, Sam C273 (52.5 points)

Follow the latest in the 5 Yard Showdown over at @5yardcollege, as well as all the latest news in the college game. The NFL may be back, but Saturdays are for rushing, too!

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