Presidents Trophy Gameweek Review final whistle

Presidents Trophy – Europe lead into Monday

The games are over, the points are in and just like that, week 1 is over and the President’s Trophy is now up and running. Europe lead, USA clawed it back!

With the team’s points in after the weekend’s matchups, I’m diving into the games and will run through the scores so far.

Week 1 – Sunday victories

It was a great start for Team Europe as two games were in the bag early after both Pittsy and Freddie confirmed their victory after Sunday night football.

Marvellous McIlroy’ picks up Europe’s first point, a point that Europe didn’t expect to get after last week’s preview.
‘Marvellous McIlroy’ (Freddie ‘the franchise tag’ Hall) was given only a 20% chance to win this weekend against ‘Captain America’ (The FTLS Boys). So the fact that Freddie had sewn things up before the two Monday night games was a kick in the teeth for the US captain. Especially as Freddie still had two positions to play.

Team Europe grabbed their second win before Sunday was through as ‘Roaring Poulter’ (PittsyNFL) got the win over USA’s ‘JSnakeDFF (Jacob). The preview had Europe winning this one and Pittsy made sure of it after getting the second-highest score of the game week.

Week 1 – Monday finishes

The captain of Team Europe led by example and had all but won the matchup before the Monday games.
‘Team 5 Yard Rush’ (Stocks and Murf) got Europe their 3rd point after beating ‘We Selected Scut Farkus’ (Shacknado – Brian). 5 Yard Rush just needed the Monday games to confirm the victory.

Team USA got one back after Team Europe’s ‘JoshPattenden7’ (Josh) lost his matchup against ‘Mericaaaaaa F*** YEAAA’ (DrakePFSA). Drake went into the Monday games 90 points up and ended up finishing 47 points up by the end of the game week.

Team USA’s ‘Mr America’ (Ktompkinsii – Kevin) went into the Monday night games 45 points up. Europe’s ‘AVFCJPS (James) pulled it back to make it a close game but just came short by 4 points.

The final matchup had USA’s ‘GoingFor2DotCom’ (Geoff) taking on Europe’s very own SFB9 winner ‘Benedict Arnold’ (Gary Haddow). Geoff started the Monday night games 40 points up on the SFB9 winner. Gary was still projected to win but as the games played out it just wasn’t to be. The matchup was the closest of the week and ended Benedict Arnold 139.62 – GoingFor2DotCom 140.88

How it stands

So after a late rallying cry for Team USA, the scores were pulled back and the competition heads into week 2 all square.

Team Europe – 3

Team USA – 3

To keep updated and carry on following the Battle of the Podcasts President’s Trophy, be sure to keep listening to the 5 Yard Rush Podcast and the For The Love of Sunday podcast. Or follow it all on twitter as the teams do battle @5yardrush and @FTLS_JBatts @FTLSunday

Until next week, Keep Rushing

Pittsy – @PittsyNFL

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