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President’s Trophy – Playoff Quarter Final Preview

This is it, the President’s Trophy is in the postseason and it’s knock out football time. Here is a quick reminder of how things work.

We just had 12 weeks of matchups where teams from the USA went head to head with teams from Europe. Each win was worth a point and went towards the teams points total.

Now we are into the playoffs, the single points are no longer awarded and it’s all down to final positions after week 16. Winning the final will get that player 20 bonus points for their team. 2nd will get 15, 3rd get 10, 4th receive 7, 5th get 5 and 6th will have 3 bonus points for their team.

7th, 8th and 9th will not receive any points, however if you then finish below this you will receive minus bonus points. 10th lose 2 points from their team total, 11th lose 5 and 12th will have 10 points deducted from the teams total.

Quarter Final Matchups

To kick us off we have USA’s ‘Mr America’ (Kevin Tompkins) going up against Europe’s captain ‘Team 5 Yard Rush’ (Stocks and Murf). Straight in with a USA v Europe matchup to see who gets through into the semifinals. Mr America will be feeling confident with this matchup after already winning the 2 regular season games over the European captains.

The second game on this side for the bracket is between two USA teams. This will mean that at least one USA team will make the Semifinal. This matchup is ‘Captain America’ (The FTLS Boys) going up against ‘JSnakeDFF (Jacob). Both teams finished on 7-5 for the season so this could go either way.

On the other side of the bracket we have two Europe teams facing each other, so like the USA team, Europe will also have a team representing in the semifinal. This game sees ‘Marvellous McIlroy’ (Freddie ‘the franchise tag’ Hall) going up against ‘AVFCJPS (James). Mcllroy led for team Europe with an 8-4 season record. AVFCJPS goes into this matchup after a .500 season of 6-6.

The final playoff game has USA’s ‘Mericaaaaaa F*** YEAAA’ (DrakePFSA) matching up against Europe’s ‘Roaring Poulter’ (PittsyNFL). It’s all square in season games as Poulter got a win in week 2 and MFY got the win in week 8.

Consolation bracket

A 50/50 split sees 2 players from each team fighting it out for the consolation bracket. Don’t forget that the winner of the consolation bracket doesn’t lose any points for their team so there is a lot riding on this mini tournament.

Round one has USA’s ‘GoingFor2DotCom’ (Geoff) facing Team Europe’s ‘Benedict Arnold’ (Gary Haddow). These two teams opened the season against each other and again in week 7. The games were split so a win here will decide the season series.

In the other game, Team USA’s ‘We Selected Scut Farkus’ (Shacknado – Brian) will face Europe’s ‘JoshPattenden7’. Once again this season the series is split 1-1. On the occasions these two met, the winner got a huge score over the other team so this could be one to watch.

The points scored before we head to the playoffs

USA take a 6 point lead into the playoffs as the scores at the end of the regular season are:

Europe 33 – USA 39.

To keep updated and carry on following the Battle of the Podcasts President’s Trophy, be sure to keep listening to the 5 Yard Rush Podcast and the For The Love of Sunday podcast. Or follow it all on twitter as the teams do battle @5yardrush and @FTLS_JBatts @FTLSunday

Until next week, Keep Rushing

Pittsy – @PittsyNFL

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