Presidents Trophy Gameweek Review final whistle

Presidents Trophy – week 10 Review – Monday Games

Presidents Trophy – week 10 Review – Monday Games

With 3 games remaining, every point is vital to help each team move closer to the playoffs. This week 3 teams got their win before the Monday games started as the other 3 games are all but over.

The first game all wrapped up before Monday was between ‘Benedict Arnold’ (Gary Haddow) for team Europe and USA’s ‘Mericaaaaaa F*** YEAAA’ (DrakePFSA). Once again the USA walk away with an early point and MFY make it 2-0 over BA. This defeat all but confirms Benedict Arnold being out of the running for a playoff spot.

The second game went the way of the USA as well as USA’s ‘JSnakeDFF (Jacob) made it a double over Europe’s ‘AVFCJPS (James) beating him this week and week 4. AVFCJPS has it all to do to get out of the Toilet bowl and make it into the playoffs with two games to go.

At last Europe’s ‘Roaring Poulter’ (PittsyNFL) gets out of the 4 game losing streak with a much-needed win over USA’s team of ‘GoingFor2DotCom’ (Geoff). For the second time this season, this win for Poulter halts Geoff’s 3 game winning streak. A much-needed point for a struggling Europe team before Monday night’s game.

Week 10 – The Captains

The two captain’s games had to wait for the Monday game to confirm the wins. Team ‘Captain America’ (The FTLS Boys) went up against ‘JoshPattenden7’ (Josh). There were only 14 points between the two teams as they went into Monday night. Eventually, Captain America took the win and made it 2-0 over Josh. The final score was 133-125.

Europe’s captain ‘Team 5 Yard Rush’ (Stocks and Murf) went head to head with big rival ‘Mr America’ (Ktompkinsii – Kevin). A huge gap was created by the Europe boys as they headed into Monday night. 90 points were needed from Mr America to get this win. The gap was closed valiantly to 53 points but obviously wasn’t enough so Europe walks away with the point.

The final matchup was between Europe’s ‘Marvellous McIlroy’ (Freddie ‘the franchise tag’ Hall) and USA’s ‘We Selected Scut Farkus’ (Shacknado – Brian). Even though it wasn’t official by Monday night, this game was all but over before Monday as the Franchise tag was up 80 points before the final game. The score barely changed and the Franchise Tag won 173-95 taking the win and a much-needed point for Europe.

How things stand

We have 2 games to go, every win is crucial and Team USA still hold the advantage. Right now it’s Europe 26 – USA 34.

To keep updated and carry on following the Battle of the Podcasts President’s Trophy, be sure to keep listening to the 5 Yard Rush Podcast and the For The Love of Sunday podcast. Or follow it all on Twitter as the teams do battle @5yardrush and @FTLS_JBatts @FTLSunday

Until next week, Keep Rushing

Pittsy – @PittsyNFL

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