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Redzone Receptions – Redzone Regulars, WR Edition

Redzone Regular is back for its 2021 edition. In this mini-series, I pick 3 Receivers, 3 Running Backs and 3 Quarterbacks who have made it into the top 20 for Redzone usage in the last two consecutive seasons. Looking at Redzone usage can be a huge help when it comes to choosing between players in your draft. You might have two very similar players but knowing one is used a lot more in the Redzone receptions metric could get you the edge you need.

Players targeted in the Redzone should have a bigger opportunity to find the endzone. With that, you might find that a player picks up an extra 3 or 4 TD’s over players who aren’t getting the Redzone targets. Don’t forget, we all love players who score TD’s in Fantasy Football.

First up I’ve looked at Redzone receptions.

Devante Adams – WR – Green Bay Packers

Not only was Adams on fire in 2020 and finishing the top WR in Fantasy football, he also finished top of the class in 2020 for Redzone receptions too. The last two seasons have seen Adams grace the top 20 targeted receivers finishing as the 11th most targeted in 2019 too.

2019 saw Adams have 18 targets inside the Redzone with him catching 12 of those and bringing in 3 TD’s. Breaking that down further, Adams was targeted saw 5 of those 18 targets inside the 10 in which he caught 4 of those and scored 2 of his 3 TD’s.

Topping the table in 2020, Adams was targeted 28 times in the Redzone. He caught 23 of those and pulled in 14 TD’s. Again, breaking that down further inside the 10, Adams had 20 of his 28 targets where he caught 17 receptions and scored 13 of his 14 redzone TD’s.

This isn’t a two year thing. For last 4 seasons Adams has made the top 20 most targeted receivers list. In fact his 11th place in 2019 is the lowest he’s been on the list in the last 4 seasons.

No matter how Green Bay draft this off-season, I can only see Adams landing on the Redzone top 20 list again for 2021. He has a safe pair of hands and Rodgers trusts him which is massive. Don’t worry about the Green Bay running backs taking his Redzone targets away. Aaron Jones has finished 13th in both 2020 and 2019 on the top 20 rushing redzone list and yet Adams still gets on there too.

Keenan Allen – WR – Los Angeles Chargers

For anyone that was worried about rookie Quarterback Justin Herbert coming in and not quite clicking with Allen the way Rivers did, fear not. Herbert and Allen made sure they got to grips with the new offence and together they got Allen in the top 20 for Redzone receptions.

In 2019 Allen was 6th on the list. He was targeted 19 times in the Redzone and pulled in 14 of those and had 4 Redzone TD’s. 9 of the targets were inside the 10 where Allen grabbed 5 and came away with 2 of his 4 Redzone TD’s.

With new QB Herbert joining the team, Allen still hit the list and landed in 13th in 2020 for Redzone targets. He was targeted 16 times and caught 12 of those. Allen was able to improve on his 2019 Redzone TD tally by getting 7 TD’s this past season. 6 of Allen’s Redzone targets were thrown inside the 10. Allen caught 4 of those and bagged 3 of 7 Redzone TD’s.

As Herbert moves into his Sophomore year, this partnership should only get stronger and with that a whole heap more Redzone targets could be coming Allen’s way.

Allen Robinson – WR – Chicago Bears

Look out now, Robinson is gaining hype and I’m jumping on this train. The last two years Robinson has been in the top 20 for Redzone targets. In fact he’s actually been in the top 10 for 2019 and 2020.

In 2019 Robinson finished 5th on the list. He was targeted 20 times in the Redzone, catching 11 of those targets and picking up 6 Redzone TD’s. 11 of his 20 targets were inside the 10, where he caught 5 of those passes and turned all of those into 5 of his 6 Redzone TD’s

Robinson was 8th in 2020. He had 18 Redzone targets and caught 7 of those passes and he pulled in 4 Redzone TD’s. Of the 18 targets, 9 were inside the 10 where he caught 4 and scored 3 of his 4 Redzone TD’s.

The target to catch ratio doesn’t look as fantastic as you would hope. However Robinson had to catch passes from the likes of Nick Foles and Mitch Trubisky. You might think it’s easy for me to blame Quarterback play. However, looking at Robinson’s stats suggest it’s was a Quarterback issue.

Since 2018, Robinson has had 417 targets and only dropped 6 balls. Suggesting that for all the targets he has, those that go towards his hands he is more likely to be catching the ball. For all other targets that he hasn’t caught, it’s suggesting that the ball was not near him enough.

The Red Rifle is in Town

With Robinson now catching passes from Andy Dalton, we could be looking at a top 5 Wide Receiver. The last 2 seasons, Robinson has gone over 1000 yards and had over 150 targets in both seasons. If Dalton can get the ball nearer to him more often, he could have a very high scoring season.

There you have it, 3 Wide Receivers that have made the top 20 for Redzone targets. So if you are trying to work out who to choose in an upcoming draft and need an edge to make a final call, hopefully, this gives you what you need to work that out.

Next up are the Redzone Rushers.

Until then Rush Nation, keep rushing.

Pittsy – @PittsyNFL

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