Redzone Regular – Passes Mean Prizes

Redzone Regular is back for its final part of the 2021 edition. In this mini-series, I picked 3 Receivers, 3 Running Backs and 3 Quarterbacks who have made it into the top 20 for Redzone usage in the last two consecutive seasons. This week, Passes mean prizes as it’s the Quarterbacks under the microscope.

Looking at Redzone usage can be a huge help when it comes to choosing between players in your draft. You might have two very similar players but knowing one is used a lot more in the Redzone could get you the edge you need.

Players targeted in the Redzone should have a bigger opportunity to find the endzone. With that, you might find that a player picks up an extra 3 or 4 TD’s over players who aren’t getting the Redzone targets. Don’t forget, we all love players who score TD’s in Fantasy Football.

To finish off the series I’ve looked at Redzone passers and chosen 3 QB’s to keep an eye on for 2021. Just like last year I’ve also changed things up a bit and looked at the last 3 seasons where the QB had to be in the top 20 Redzone passers for 3 straight seasons.

Russell Wilson – QB – Seattle Seahawks

Once again Wilson makes the Redzone Regular article. It seems every year he has a stretch In the season where he is part of the MVP race and for me a big part of that is how often he’s getting the Seahawks down to the Redzone.

When the Seahawks get down inside the opponent’s 20, Wilson steps up and shows he can throw the ball. So much so that not only has he made the top 20 the last 3 seasons he’s actually been in the top 20 for the last 6 straight seasons. He’s also been in the top 5 the last 4 seasons.

In 2018 Wilson ended the season as the 5th highest on the list. He threw the ball 62 times in the Redzone for 35 completions giving him a 56.45% completion rate. From the 35 caught passes, 23 turned into TDs. 18 of the completed passes were inside the 10 where Wilson picked up 14 of the 23 TDs.

In 2019, Wilson was 1st on the Redzone passing list. He threw the ball 89 times completing 44 passes. Granted that is a lower completion rate of 49.44% but he threw for 25 TDs. Inside the 10, Wilson completed 20 passes picking up 15 of his 25 Redzone TDs.

Last season Wilson finished 2nd on the list. He threw 82 passes in the Redzone for 52 completions giving him a 63.41% completion rate. 29 of those 52 completions ended up as a TD. Wilson got 27 of his 52 completed passes when he was throwing inside the 10 and was productive with it scoring 21 of his 29 Redzone TD’s.

For 6 years running Wilson has shown he is consistently finishing high in the Redzone rankings and scoring the TD’s to place him on the list. Even when faced with a new OC and scheme change, Wilson still found his way into the top 5. Barring any injuries, I’d be pretty sure you will find Wilson back in the top 5 again at the end of the 2021 season.

Kirk Cousins – QB – Minnesota Vikings

When I think of Kirk Cousins I don’t necessarily think of a consistent Quarterback that gets his team in the Redzone and then takes advantage. However Cousins has been on the top 10 Redzone passing list for the last 4 seasons and that was with Washington in 2017 and then with the Vikings for the last 3.

In his first year with the Vikings in 2018, Cousins finished 7th on the Redzone list. He attempted 68 passes and completed 45 for a 66.18% competition rate. He turned those 45 Redzone completions into 20 TD’s. When the Vikings were inside the 10, Cousins had 16 of his 45 completions and fired home 12 of his 20 Redzone TD’s.

In 2019, Cousins finished 9th on the list. Passing 51 times and completing 30 of those to get a 58.82% completion rate and scoring 16 Redzone TD’s. When Cousins was throwing inside the 10 he completed 13 passes scoring on 12 of the 13 passes.

Last season, in 2020, Cousins finished 6th on the list. He threw 62 times in the Redzone and had 37 passes caught , that gave him a 59.68% completion rate. With the 37 completions in the Redzone, 25 went for a TD. 21 of the 37 passes were inside the 10 and again his score rate was high, getting 18 Redzone TD’s inside the 10.

To top off 2020, of the 62 redzone passes Cousins threw, not a single one was intercepted.

Baker Mayfield – QB – Cleveland Browns

The Browns had a huge season and got to the playoffs for the first time in a long time. After years of being at the bottom of the pile, they have worked their way out of trouble and turned themselves into a playoff calibre team.

Over the last 3 seasons, Mayfield has had a new Head Coach in each of those seasons. He’s managed to take on the new coaching styles and still been consistently featuring on the Redzone top 20 list

Mayfield has had 3 mixed seasons but last year started to click and get things moving with this team. One thing that has been consistent, is his top 20 Redzone presence and has finished in the top 10 twice in the last 3 years.

In 2018, Mayfield finished 8th throwing 54 passes in the Redzone and completing 35 of those for a completion rate of 64.81%. Whilst down in the Redzone, Mayfield threw 20 TD’s from the 25 completed passes. When Mayfield was throwing inside the 10, he completed 15 passes and scored on 10 of those.

2019 was a down year for Mayfield and scraped into the top 20 as the 17th Quarterback on the list. He threw 74 passes but only completed 30 for a 40.54% completion rate. He did turn half of those completions into TD’s scoring 15. One thing that stood out to me was when Mayfield was throwing inside the 10. He had 15 of his 30 Redzone completions and managed to score on all but two of those passes scoring 13 TD’s.

Last season in 2020, Mayfield found himself back in the top 10 finishing 8th once again. He threw 71 passes and completed 45 which gave him a completion rate of 63.38%. Mayfield got his TD total back up again and scored 21 Redzone TD’s. When passing inside the 10, Mayfield completed 24 of his 45 completions and scored 17 of his 21 Redzone TD’s.

Just like with Cousins, Mayfield threw 72 passes in the Redzone but didn’t have a single one picked off either.

There you have it, 3 Quarterbacks that have been ever present in the Redzone. If you missed out on the Wide Receivers and Running Backs you can go back and see those here.

These articles are about the consistent redzone play being a decider in choosing a player to draft. It’s not the be all and end all. Redzone targets and attempts are more likely going to add extra TD’s to your fantasy players tally. I find it useful to know when I’m deciding during the draft.

Until next time Rush Nation, Keep Rushing.

Pittsy – @PittsyNFL

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