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Looking at Redzone usage could be a huge help when it comes to choosing between players in your draft. You might have two very similar players but knowing one is used a lot more in the Redzone could be a massive edge. Knowing who passes when here can be invaluable.

In this mini-series I’m picking 3 Receivers, 3 Running Backs and 3 Quarterbacks who have made it into the top 20 for Redzone usage in the last two consecutive seasons.

Players used in the Redzone should have a bigger opportunity to find the endzone. With that, you might find a player picks up an extra 3 or 4 TD’s over players who aren’t getting the Redzone work. Don’t forget, we all love players who score TD’s in Fantasy Football.

This time around I’ve looked at Redzone passers and chosen 3 QB’s to keep an eye on for 2020. I’ve also changed things up a bit and looked at the last 3 seasons where the QB had to be in the top 20 Redzone passers for 3 straight seasons.

Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks

It seems like every season Wilson is in the running and mentioned in the MVP race. His elusive ability makes him a fantastic QB running from pressure but he can also throw.

When the Seahawks get down to the Redzone, Wilson steps up and shows he can throw the ball. So much so that not only has he made the top 20 the last 3 seasons he’s actually been in the top 5 the last 3 seasons.

In 2017, Wilson was 4th overall on the Redzone passing list. He threw the ball 68 times inside the Redzone for 38 completions, that’s a 55.88% completion rate. From those 38 completed passes, 22 were turned into TDs. 22 of the completed passes were inside the 10 where Wilson got 17 of the 22 Redzone TDs.

In 2018 Wilson ended the season as the 5th highest on the list. He threw the ball 62 times in the Redzone for 35 completions giving him a 56.45% completion rate. From the 35 caught passes, 23 turned into TDs. 18 of the completed passes were inside the 10 where Wilson picked up 14 of the 23 TDs.

Redzone Bliss

Last season in 2019, Wilson was the best QB in the Redzone. He threw the ball 89 times completing 44 passes. Granted that is a lower completion rate of 49.44% but he threw for 25 TDs. Inside the 10, Wilson completed 20 passes picking up 15 of his 25 Redzone TDs.

Moving into the 2020 season I can only see Wilson being up there again. His throwing ability and the ability to escape pressure means there is always a chance something could happen on every down.

With the likes of Lockett and the big man Metcalf going from strength to strength last season, 2020 looks set to get even better for the Seahawks which in turn should create more Redzone opportunities.

Jared Goff – LA Rams

Since Coach McVay came along, the Rams and Goff have been ticking over nicely. Even though last season wasn’t quite what they wanted, Goff was still finding his way in the Redzone. Making it 3 years on the trot inside the top 10 of the Redzone passers list.

In 2017 Goff burst onto the scene with McVay at the helm. Goff finished 2nd overall on the Redzone passers list. He attempted 74 passes inside the Redzone, completing 43 of those giving him a 58.11% completion rate. From the 43 caught passes Goff threw 23 TDs. When the Rams got inside the 10 Goff completed 21 of his 43 completed passes and collected 14 of his Redzone TDs.

2018 was the year the Rams made the Super Bowl. Goff had another solid performance in the Redzone finishing the season in 3rd. Goff attempted 96 passes and completed 55 of them. That gave him a pass completion rate of 57.29%. Once again Goff bagged himself 23 Redzone TDs. Of the 55 completed passes, 25 were inside the 10 where Goff got 16 of his 23 TDs.

Super Bowl Blues

After reaching the Super Bowl, the Rams had a disappointing 2019 season. Goff however still managed to make the top 10 Redzone passing list finishing in 7th overall. He attempted 70 passes and completed 46 of those. That gave Goff a Redzone completion rate of 65.71%. Along with the disappointing season, the Redzone TDs reduced slightly to 18. Goff completed 23 of his passes inside the 10 where he picked up 15 of his 18 Redzone TDs

Heading into the 2020 season, Goff and McVay will come up with another plan to stay ahead of the game. A few faces have moved on but some key players still remain in the likes of Goff’s safety net, Kupp. Woods and TE Higby are still around to help Goff who he got some good production from last year.

Carson Wentz – Philadelphia Eagles

An Injury-prone QB and a Philly team full of injured players had me shocked to see Wentz appear on this Redzone list especially making it 3 seasons in a row.

When Wentz does play he still seems to be able to work with what he has around him and make the most of it.

2017 was the year Philly won the Super Bowl. Unfortunately for Wentz he was injured during the season and had to watch Foles lift the Lombardi. Before the injury though, Wentz’s name was being mentioned in the MVP race and still finished the season in 3rd place on the Redzone passers list.

In 2017 Wentz attempted 57 passes inside the Redzone and completed 37 of those. Giving Wentz a 64.91% completion rate inside the Redzone. Wentz managed to get 23 TDs scoring 13 of those inside the 10. His Redzone rate inside the 10 was great. Passing the ball 15 times. That meant he scored on all but 2 of his passes when inside the 10.

2018 saw the Redzone production reduce but Wentz still made it into the top 20 this year finishing in 15th. Wentz passed the ball 55 times and completed 33 of those giving him a 60% Redzone completion rating. Dropping him down the ranks was his TD count only picking up 18 inside the Redzone. Of the 33 completions, 16 were inside the 10 where Wentz grabbed 11 of his 18 Redzone TDs.

Current Wentz

Last season in 2019 Wentz even without a lot of weapons still came 4th on the Redzone passers list. He attempted 69 passes and completed 41 of those to get a 59.42% completion rate. The TD total wasn’t a high one again getting 19 Redzone TDs. Once again though, inside the 10 Wentz does all his damage. Of the 41 completed passes, 17 were inside the 10 and Wentz got a TD on 15 of those. Again scoring on all but 2 of his passes inside the 10.

Wentz’s numbers inside the 10 are great. In the last 3 years, he’s scored 39 TDs from only 48 passes and two of those years he only missed on two passes.
Hopefully, with some injured players coming back and Philly drafting rookie WR Jalen Reagor in the first round, Wentz will have more players to throw to and keep up his production.

There you have it Rush Nation. My mini-series on Redzone usage. If you missed out on the Redzone Receiving or Rushing articles you can find them here.

Until next time, Keep Rushing

Pittsy – @PittsyNFL

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