Redzone Regulars – Josh Jacobs is King

Redzone Regulars is back for its 2021 edition. In this mini-series, I pick 3 Receivers, 3 Running Backs and 3 Quarterbacks who have made it into the top 20 for Redzone usage in the last two consecutive seasons.

Looking at Redzone usage can be a huge help when it comes to choosing between players in your draft. You might have two very similar players but knowing one is used a lot more in the Redzone could get you the edge you need.

Players targeted in the Redzone should have a bigger opportunity to find the endzone. With that, you might find that a player picks up an extra 3 or 4 TD’s over players who aren’t getting the Redzone targets. Don’t forget, we all love players who score TD’s in Fantasy Football.

This time around I’ve looked at Redzone Rushes and chosen 3 players to keep an eye on for 2021 who may again be redzone regulars. Take note, these are just the rushing stats and don’t account for any Redzone receptions.

Josh Jacobs – RB – Las Vegas Raiders

Jacobs has only been in the league for two seasons but he has managed to get on the top 20 list of Redzone rushing attempts in both those seasons. In fact, he’s made the top 10 in both seasons.

In 2019 Jacobs finished on the list in 8th place for most attempts in the Redzone. He rushed 41 times and picked up 7 TDs. 21 of those attempts were inside the 10 where he picked up 5 of his 7 TD’s. Digging a little deeper into it, Jacobs was used 10 times inside the 5 which is where he scored 5 of his Redzone TD’s.

In 2020 he stormed to the top of the list. Finishing 1st for attempts in the Redzone. Jacobs rushed 64 times and scored 11 Redzone TD’s. 35 of those attempts were inside the 10 where he picked up 9 of his 11 Redzone TD’s. Again digging a little deeper, Jacobs rushed 18 times inside the 5 where he scored 5 of the 11 Redzone TD’s.

To be so young in his NFL career and be used so much is a big statement from the Raiders. Carr, the Raiders Quarterback, had 78 passing attempts in the Redzone and comparing that to Jacobs getting 64 rushing attempts means the Raiders were more than happy to be handing the ball off to the young Running Back.

I don’t see this reducing any time soon either. Even with the new arrival of Kenyan Drake, I see Drake being the third-down and receiving back whilst Jacobs is used as the power and goal-line back.

Derrick Henry – RB – Tennessee Titans

The King once again proved he could smash out another bruising season and put up some great stats too. Just like Jacobs, Henry makes it into the top 10 for the past two seasons, not just the top 20.

In 2019 Henry was just above Jacobs finishing 7th on the Rushing Redzone list. Inside the 20, Henry rushed 42 times and picked up 13 rushing TD’s. 24 of those attempts were inside the 10 where Henry scored 10 of his 13 Redzone TD’s. Just like Jacobs we can go a little deeper and look at how Henry did within the 5. He had 10 of his 42 attempts and scored 7 of his 13 rushing Redzone TD’s.

Roles were reversed for 2020 as Henry finished just behind Jacobs in 2nd. Henry had 59 Rushing Redzone attempts and scored 13 TD’s from those. Once the Titans were inside the 10, Henry had 35 of his 59 Redzone attempts and scored 11Redzone TD’s. Going a little deeper, Henry had 17 of his 59 Redzone attempts inside the 5 where he scored 8 of his 13 Redzone TD’s.

If the last two years are anything to go by, Henry is a top Running Back whether that’s in or out of the Redzone. What we do know is the Titans give him the volume especially in the Redzone. It was almost a 50/50 split between Henry (59 attempts) running or Tannehill (68 attempts) passing in the Redzone.

David Montgomery – RB – Chicago Bears

The second Bears player to make it into this series. For me, the Bears are a sneaky team that has the potential to be able to make a name for themselves if they just had a competent Quarterback.

2019 saw Montgomery finish 14th on the list. He was handed the ball 33 times inside the Redzone and scored 6 TD’s. 23 of those attempts were inside the 10, scoring 5 of the 6 TD’s. Looking deeper into it, Montgomery was used 14 times inside the 5 and did most of his damage scoring 5 of his 6 Redzone TD’s.

In 2020, Montgomery landed 8th on the rushing Redzone top 20 list. He had 44 rushing attempts and 7 TD’s. 23 of those attempts were inside the 10 and picked up 5 of his 7 TD’s. Looking further into the Redzone stats, Montgomery had 10 of his 44 attempts inside the 5 where he scored most of his Redzone TD’s picking up 4 out of the 7.

Pass Catching Backs Really do Matter!

Of all three Running Backs in this article, Montgomery was the only one that was really worth mentioning that he was even targeted in the passing game too. 10 targets, 6 receptions and one TD when the Bears were in the Redzone.

With Dalton joining the Bears it will be interesting to see what direction they go offensively. Both Dalton and Trubisky finished with very similar stats for Redzone passing attempts.

Why would I mention this with Montgomery being a Running Back? Because both Montgomery and Zeke still managed to be 8th and 7th on the Redzone Rushing list under both of these Quarterbacks, which bodes well for Montgomery to carry on getting the volume in the Redzone.

There you have it, 3 Running Backs that have made the top 20 for Redzone attempts. So if you are trying to work out who to choose in an upcoming draft and need an edge to make a final call, hopefully, this gives you what you need to work that out.

Next up and finishing the series is the Redzone Passers.

Until then Rush Nation, keep rushing.

Pittsy – @PittsyNFL

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