Redzone Regulars – The Rushing Stalwarts

In this mini-series I’m picking 3 Receivers, 3 Running Backs and 3 Quarterbacks who have made it into the top 20 for Redzone usage in the last two consecutive seasons.

Looking at Redzone usage could be a huge help when it comes to choosing between players in your draft. You might have two very similar players but knowing one is used a lot more in the Redzone could be a massive edge.

Players targeted in the Redzone should have a bigger opportunity to find the endzone. With that, you might find a player picks up an extra 3 or 4 TD’s over players who aren’t getting the Redzone targets. Don’t forget, we all love players who score TD’s in Fantasy Football.

This time around I’ve looked at Redzone Rushes and chosen 3 players to keep an eye on for 2020. Take note, these are just the rushing stats and don’t account for any Redzone receptions.

Saquon Barkley – RB – New York Giants

Barkley has only been in the league 2 years and yet he’s managed to get onto the top 20 Redzone Rushers list in both seasons. He’s an absolute beast so why wouldn’t you use him!

Barkley rocked up and had an impressive rookie season, showing us what a talent he is. In 2018 the Giants handed Barkley the ball 47 times and picked up 7 TD’s inside the Redzone. 30 of those attempts were inside the 10 where he scored 6 of his 7 TD’s. Digging a little deeper, Barkley was used 16 times inside the 5 where he was most dangerous, scoring 5 of his Redzone TD’s

2019 was all over the place for the Giants and Barkley also battled through injuries too. The fact that Barkley still managed to get into the Redzone Rushes top 20 shows how much of a weapon he is.

2019 saw the Giants use Barkley 28 times in the Redzone, scoring 3 TD’s. 16 of those attempts were inside the 10, scoring 3 TD’s. Again looking deeper into it, Barkley was used 7 times inside the 5 and scored 1 TD.

Heading into 2020, the Giants have a new HC and have ex-Cowboys HC Jason Garret joining the team as the new OC. This bodes well for Barkley getting more Redzone work. Garret joins the Giants after a year where he used Zeke 59 times inside the Redzone.

Todd Gurley – RB – Atlanta Falcons

Yes, Gurley has moved on from his time in LA and from the Rams that used him in the Redzone. However, he’s still a big runner and should still be used in Atlanta, including in the EndZone.

Gurley went absolutely nuts in 2018. He topped the Redzone Rushes list with 63 attempts whilst getting all his seasons TD’s from when inside the Redzone. Picking up 17 TD’s. 36 of those attempts were inside the 10 where Barkley grabbed 14 of his TD’s. When Gurley got inside the 5, his record was great as he scored a TD for every 2 times he tried. He rushed 18 times and scored 9 TD’s.

When I think back to the 2019 season, Gurley and the Rams don’t rank high on the list of players or teams that stand out. As quiet as Gurley was he still managed to come 3rd on the Redzone rushing list.

The Rams used Gurley 51 times in the Redzone and he picked up 12 TD’s whilst he was there. 29 of those attempts were inside the 10 where Gurley picked up 11 of his 12 TD’s. Going deeper still, Gurley had 12 of his 51 attempts inside the 5 where he ran in 5 of his TD’s.

2020 sees Gurley in a Falcons jersey getting the ball from Matty Ice. This team is loaded with weapons for Ryan to use and so the Defence will be spread nicely for Gurley once again. As I said before, Gurley is too good not to be used down inside the Redzone. So I expect him to land on the Redzone top 20 list once again.

Ezekiel Elliott – RB – Dallas Cowboys

Old head coach Garret has left and gone over to take charge of the Giants’ Offence. However, the Cowboys OC is still with Zeke and will no doubt still be using him to punch the ball in.

The past two seasons Zeke has not just made the Redzone top 20 list , but the top 10 for the last two seasons. Landing 7th in 2018 and topping the list in 2019.

In 2018 the Cowboys ran Zeke 39 times inside the Redzone and he managed to pick up 5 TD’s. 22 of those attempts were inside the 10 where Zeke picked up 3 of his 5 Redzone TD’s. Deep inside the Redzone inside the 5, Zeke had 10 of his attempts where he ran in for 2 TD’s.

Zeke topped the list in 2019 with 59 rushing attempts inside the Red zone. Where he ran it in for 11 TD’s. 31 of those attempts were inside the 10 where all 11 TD’s happened. The Cowboys used Zeke 12 times inside the 5 where he picked up an impressive 9 of the 11 Red zone TD’s.

The Cowboys have a new HC for 2020 but have managed to keep hold of their OC. Good news if you like Zeke inside the Redzone. McCarthy’s last season at the Packers saw him use RB’s 44 times in the Redzone. They had a split backfield that year as Jones handled 22 of those and Williams was given 17 of them. Taking that into account, the fact they kept the OC around and Zeke is the RB in Dallas, it’s fair to say Zeke looks set to grace the Red zone top 20 again in 2020.

Next up will be 3 QB’s that make the top 20 Redzone passing list.

Until then Rush Nation, Keep Rushing

Pittsy – @PittsyNFL

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