Find the Gap- Rushing Stat Analysis Week 10

Rushing Stats Analysis – Find the Gap Week 6

Rushing Stats Analysis – Find the Gap Week 6

The first of the bye weeks is here, so the rushing selection slims down. But let’s have a look at the Week 5 choices first…

New York Jets – 18 carries, 64 yards, 2 touchdowns (3.5 ypc)

Yet again, Michael Carter saw double figures in carries at the expense of the other Running Backs. His 10 carries only gathered 38 yards but he did bag himself a touchdown. So did Ty Johnson. Considering the Jets were fighting back for a lot of the game, to get ground scores says a lot about their approach throughout the game. But did they run at the Right End? No. Only one three yard carry by Zach Wilson went that way. They need to be paying more attention to this article series!

Dallas Cowboys – 39 carries, 201 yards, 1 TD (5.1 ypc)

Never mind the Cowboys, how about the Wow-boys? The Pollard – Elliott combination went for 35 carries combined (185 yards and a touchdown), with Zeke the one to run in for a score. The Giants lost big offensive players throughout this game, so Dallas just stretched their lead in the second quarter. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 25 carries, 121 yards, 1 TD (4.84 ypc)

As expected, the Buccs were able to flex their rushing muscles a little more in this game. All three of the primary Running Backs saw very impressive averages, but it was Regular Season Lenny who saw the endzone carry. Despite that, Brady was still absolutely dominant through the air, and this allowed the runners to make their mark. 


Right, so who are we taking for Week 6? We have four teams on bye weeks. The Jets, Falcons, Niners and Saints are all out. So who gets the push this week? 


This could finally be the week to lock those Steelers in for the first time! And their first round pick is only part of the equation. 


  • Najee Harris has a huge part to play in this game. As well his role as Beg Ben’s passing safety valve, he is constantly in line for carry volume. So far, he has averaged over 15 carries per game. And that’s during some pretty inconsistent game scripts! The last game, a positive game script against a well-performing Denvers defense, produced 23 carries and 122 yards. This match could produce a variety of outcomes but, even if the game stays close, there could be at least a solid performance from Harris. 
  • This could be moved quite a lot due to the Seattle’s main injury woes. Chris Carson missed last week with a neck injury, but looks to return to the fold for this game. However, it will be Russell Wilson’s absence that will hurt the most. Geno Smith proved himself to be a decent replacement against the Rams, but does he have that X-Factor that a cooking Russ can offer? Unlikely. Plus, if Pittsburgh can plan against him, then there could be a strong chance of their defence keeping the Seahawks grounded. 
  • It certainly doesn’t help the Seahawks that they can’t seem to stop the run this year. They are one of only 5 teams to concede over 5 yards / carry – and have faced the most carries of any outfit so far this season. Granted, they have faced some particularly tough rush defences. But the Steelers showed that they may have taken a step up against the Broncos. And perhaps this is turning into another tough rushing game for the ‘Hawks to face.                                                  


The Colts have begun to warm up their run game. And that temperature could explode when Houston come to town.  


  • The Colts have been building up their yards per carry over the opening portion of the season. Their rolling three week carry average has gone steadily up and, after starting at 5.06 yards per carry, now stands at 6.62. That’s the second highest in the league over the last three weeks. And those three games have been against some teams who have kept the games competitive. The Texans have also kept games quite close recently, so that shouldn’t discourage those who want play Jonathon Taylor. Not that it would, he’s been doing fairly well recently!
  • Speaking of Taylor, he’s been finding a way of making some big runs against these sides! He’s made at least one run of over 10 yards in every game this year – and two each in the last two. The best thing about these runs is that they haven’t just stuck to one particular area. He could strike through any channel, and that’s something for the Texans to worry about. 
  • Not only that, but Marlon Mack is back, and making good impressions. Not surprising, considering he and the Colts have agreed that the Running Back can get traded. He’s been putting up solid carries as well in these last two games as well. Those with him on their roster must be hoping he gets snapped up by a decent team to continue that form. Until then, Colts fans must be pleased to see a solid combination of players keeping the ground game hot.  


Although the Chargers may be breaking records, the Ravens may be able to find the key against them on the ground. 


  • The Chargers have been involved in some high-calibre games so far this season. And plenty of those games have stayed VERY close in the scorelines. The Cowboys, Chiefs and, more recently, the Browns have all kept Los Angeles within arm’s reach throughout their games. And this has kept the ground games for all teams very active. With Baltimore’s ground game often featuring heavily in close games, this seems like a big opportunity for those who have Ravens rushers on their rosters. 
  • Lamar Jackson put up four passing touchdowns last week in a Monday Night miracle for many. But his rushing played a large part in keeping their offense rolling. The Quarterback has already had three games of 10 carries or more. And all three of those games have seen large carries made by the mobile QB. This kind of knife-edge game could given Lamar even more chances to break tension and peel off a massive carry. 
  • It’s not just Jackson either. The Ravens have got the ability to offer other rushing threats across the board. Latavius Murray and Ty’son Williams have also been able to make big plays in the last few games. Williams has taken a backseat to Murray in the rankings, but we have seen evidence of his ability to make moves. The game against the Chiefs was a particular highlight in this regard! It’s difficult to pinpoint if Williams will be that involved in this game, but Murray and Jackson seem safe bets to get the yards. 

Join me next time to see what happens with these three teams!

Until then, Keep Rushing! 

Rob @5YardRob

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