Slice Me Some Pie – Cooper Kupp

In this series, I will be looking at players I like and want in my fantasy teams this coming season. Some of it will be down to my personal preference but I will throw in some stat-based reasons too to back me up.

Cooper Kupp – WR – Los Angeles Rams

Man, I love Kupp. Ever since he was coming out of college I’ve been high on him and have been ever since. I have already drafted him in some league’s and last year traded for him in a Dynasty league.

Murf is massively on the Robert Woods train but I can’t get away from my boy kupp. Things seemed to be pointing away from Kupp at the end of last season and word has it that it’s going to stay the same to start the 2020 season.

The 2019 split season

Kupp was smashing it at the start of the season. Weeks 1-8 he was bossing it. Trending as the WR 2 in fantasy. Going over 100 yards in weeks 2,3,4 and 5 and then going crazy in week 8 with 220 yards.

Higbee came into relevance in the second half of the season when the team moved to a move 12 formation based playbook and reduced Kupp’s numbers. From week 13 to 16 Higbee was the man, going over 100 yards for 4 straight games and taking the majority of targets.

This is where my rose-tinted Kupp glasses are perhaps on once more. Kupp was still getting some targets and made the best of it. Ok, he dropped every ball the first game back after the bye week, but from then on he caught every ball thrown to him in 5 of the remaining 7 games. On top of that, in Week 17 Kupp turned 7 catches into 99 yards and a TD.

One more point on the second half of the season. Yes, Higbee was producing the yards but in those final 8 games, Higbee only scored 1 TD. Kupp, on the other hand, might not have been getting the yards as he did in the first 8 games, but Kupp managed to score a TD in 5 straight games to see out the season.

Kupp going into 2020

The Verdict is still out on who will be getting the touches. One thing we do know is Brandin Cooks is out the door leaving room for some extra targets.

The thing I hold on to is, I feel Kupp is Goff’s, go-to man. If all else fails Goff seems to find Kupp to bail him out on some short yardage. Out of the main 3 guys, last season, Woods and Higbee got 2 TDs each whereas Kupp racked up a solid 10.

2020 Rams

The Rams were good in the first half of the season and although they used 12 man formations a lot more in the second half of the season they didn’t make the playoffs. With McVay the way he is he will always try to keep the Defence guessing so potentially move away from the 12 man formation.

The Rams also drafted a big outside receiver in Van Jefferson which should allow Kupp to get back to being efficient in the slot again.

There are mixed feelings on how pricey Kupp is going in drafts. Right now he is coming off the board as the 36th overall player. That makes him the 16th WR. For me knowing that Kupp is a favourite of Goffs and the fact he can score, make his price worth it.

The two WRs that come in the next two picks are fellow Rams WR Woods and Calvin Ridley from Atlanta. As the three players are all together we can compare last season for this ADP. Ridley at 38th overall had 802 receiving yards and 6 TDs. Woods at 37th overall got 1064 receiving yards but got only 2 TDs. Kupp outperformed both of them in both areas getting 1115 receiving yards and 10 TDs.

Red zone reshuffle

Todd Gurley and Brandin Cooks were both used heavily over the years in the red zone. Now they have left the Rams, those opportunities are there for the taking.

There was only 1 target difference between Higbee and Kupp in the red zone. Higbee was targeted 19 times and caught 14 but only hauled in 2 TDs. Kupp, on the other hand, was targeted 18 times and caught 13 but managed to get 7 of his 10 TDs.

Where did Woods come on the red zone list I hear you ask. Well, he was targeted 9 times, caught 6 and pulled in his only 2 TDs for the season.

Why is all this relevant? Kupp’s ability to get the TDs and be a red-zone target is huge for a QB. Goff will know he has success with Kupp and will want to keep that going. Kupp has shown that ability to Coach McVay too and even though McVay has an ever-evolving coaching style, TDs are key to success and he knows he gets them from Kupp.

As I said at the start. Man, I love Kupp! Because of this, I will do what I can to get him where I can. So whilst I go about that Rush Nation, Keep Rushing

Pittsy – @PittsyNFL

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