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Start/Sits- Week 6

Start/Sits is back! Our most popular column of the week is here in time to help you get through the week. However, more importantly, it is on your screens 30 hours before the kickoff of Thursday Night Football between the Patriots and the Giants.

Once again, we hit with a high percentage of our Start/Sits last week. Chark was the sit we muffed on. And Winston didn’t have the QB1 week we expected. However, the rest were spot on. Given the number of Start/Sits we give you, hitting 80-90% is a great return.

We are now looking to keeping up this streak in Week Six. If your player isn’t on here, then you should get in touch with us via twitter @5yardrush and we will do our best to get to all of them. DM’s tend to work better but any method is fine. A massive thank you to the nearly 80 of you that sent over Start/Sits questions on Twitter this week. We aim to answer them all, so keep them coming.


Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins has been less than impressive in this new offensive system so far. In fact, he is averaging 208 yards passing a game with 1 TD. These stats don’t look impressive. And they aren’t. However, in the games where he has struggled with passing yards, the Vikings have been very much in control of games (Atlanta, Raiders). Cousins has now had time in the offense and is looking more comfortable. He has also thrown the ball at least 27 times in 3 of the last 4 games (again, the blowout win vs. the Raiders is the one where he only threw it 21 times). He also has a very talented receiver core with something to prove.

But the main reason for starting Cousins this week is game script. They are playing the Eagles. The banged up Philly secondary has been nothing short of awful and can even be accused of playing very soft coverage. However the offense is clicking, as is the defensive front. This game could very much be a shootout. And as such, they will be able to force Cousins to throw the ball, in order for them to remain in the game. These are the sorts of games that make Cousins relevant. I am not saying he will be a QB1 this week, but he has a floor of Top 15QB and could easily sneak into the top 12. In a week with limited options, feel comfortable starting Cousins. There are many questionable Start/Sits at QB, so Cousins brings some safety to this.

Matt Brieda

Matt Brieda had an excellent Monday Night Football outing. Ok, most of it was powered by a huge 82 yard Touchdown run. However, he is still going to have huge value in this offense. Tevin Coleman will take touches, however Brieda offers value, and even big upside in certain matchups.

This week he faces the L.A Rams. This defense has not come to the party this year and have given up yards to the run. In fact, on average, they are giving up 100 yards and a Touchdown on the ground to runners, whilst also giving up almost 5 receptions for 42 yards to them also. But it is the short down work and also the receiving upside, that makes Brieda a play this week. Colman might get more rushes, but you can run on the Rams. And if he continues to get the goalline carries, then this could be a good day for Brieda.

Sony Michel

It’s fair to say if you invested a 4th/5th round pick in Sony Michel, you are probably disappointed with your return so far. He has 3 Touchdowns in 5 games and is only averaging 3.4 yards a carry. What is most concerning, is that all the Patriots games so far have suited a Sony Michel game script that would lead him to be productive. And it hasn’t. The argument could be made that maybe Bill Belichick is saving Michel for tougher games. But even so, we all would have expected more production so far.

However, in his last outing, he managed 91 yards on the ground with a Touchdown, as well as 32 yards in the air. And this week, he gets the hapless Giants defence. Burkhead looks unlikely to go. In addition, the Giants are probably going to be without Saquon Barkley, Evan Engram and Sterling Shepard. It’s hard to see how the Giants will move the chains against this elite defense. So expect many possessions and opportunities for Michel this week. A locked in Start for this Start/Sits column.

Michael Gallup

Gallup came back with a bang on Sunday. 7 Receptions for 113 yards and a Touchdown, against one of the best pass rushes in the NFL. He now has 339 yards in 3 games this season receiving. And this week, he is playing the New York Jets.

Gallup has come on leaps and bounds since his Rookie year. He has developed into a deep threat receiver. And against the Jets secondary this week, he should have himself another day. There is every chance Gallup goes off for another 100 yards this week. He is a must start this week and carries a WR2 tag with upside.

Courtland Sutton

Who is the WR9 overall in 0.5 Point PPR? I bet you could name many players before landing on the name Courtland Sutton. But it is Sutton who is up there. He is ahead of Davante Adams, Nuke Hopkins, Michael Thomas, Mike Evans and many more guys.

Despite receiving passes from Joe Flacco, and also playing on a 1-4 team that struggles to score points (24 being a season-high for the Broncos), Sutton has been remarkably consistent. So much so, he has beaten out Emmanual Sanders for the number 1 on the team. Last week, Sutton played on 84% of snaps, whereas Sanders played on 64% of snaps against the Chargers. 

Exclude Sutton’s 8 PPR points against Chicago (who have blanked almost every Wide Receiver this year), he has the following PPR returns: 19, 13.7, 24.2, and 19.2. Even though he has a tough match-up vs. the Titans, he is still going to offer a safe floor and is now match-up proof. Fire up your Courtland Sutton.


Jared Goff

In the past few weeks, I have told you to sit DeShaun Watson, Dak Prescott and Josh Allen. So this week, I’m urging you to sit Jared Goff. I was right on the previous three, in fact, so much so, they all had their worst weeks of the season so far. And this is what is facing Jared Goff this week. He faces a Pass defence with 5 1st round picks on the Defensive Line. They made Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns look amateur. In addition, they have also held Bruce Arians and the Buccaneers to their season low total.

Goff has thrown the ball 117 times in the last two weeks. I cannot see how he throws the ball another 55 or so times this year. I would expect Goff’s attempts to be in the 30s. He is also turning over the ball an awful lot. Also, before Thursday’s game vs Seattle, Goff came into that game with fumbles in 10 straight regular season games, and had 12 fumbles (8 lost) and 12 INTs in that time. He threw another pick on Thursday.

Goff is going to struggle this week and he does not look like the QB the Rams have given $160 million to. Expect more turnovers, and with a lower volume in terms of attempts, there is less room for error to cover his mistakes. Take the bold move and sit him this week. Trust the Start/Sits.

Jordan Howard and Miles Sanders

With this selection, you get yourself a “Brucie Bonus”. A 2-4-1! Do yourselves a favour and bench the entire Philly backfield this week. Howard is the goalline back and the 1st down back, and Sanders is the 3rd down back and the receiving option. The Eagles have managed to find a system that has worked. Howard has 4 TDs in his last 2 games and Sanders is seeing more and more production, especially in the receiving game.

However this week, they are facing the leagues 3rd best Rushing defence in the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings are only giving up 75.4 yards on the ground per game and have only conceded 1 Rushing Touchdown. They are also giving up 22.2 yards in the air and only 1 Receiving Touchdown to RBs. With Howard and Sanders splitting work, both have a very low floor and a very low ceiling. Do yourself a favour and follow our Start/Sits recommendation by sitting them both this week.

Leonard Fournette

This one might shock a few of you. And similar to Le’Veon Bell last week, if you cannot afford to sit Fournette as you have no one else, then start him. However, if you have some depth, then Fournette is a guy you might want to sit this week. He is coming off two weeks where he had 225 yards and 108 yards on the ground. However, they were games in which the Jaguars were competitive. I cannot see them being overly competitive vs. the Saints this week.

In Fournette’s first three games of the season, Fournette’s carries dropped from the 29 and 23 from the last two weeks to 13, 15 and 15 in the first three weeks. Given the fact they will be chasing the game against the Saints, I would expect Fournette to be closer to 15 attempts than 23 to 29.

He also isn’t doing that much in the air. Fournette is averaging 4 Rec for 28.6 yards. These numbers are not going to save Fournette. He is averaging 60 yards in his first 3 games. So he might get 88 yards, which is why it might be hard to sit him. However, do not expect the 20-30 point PPR games you have had the last couple of weeks. 

The Saints are only giving up 79.2 yards a game to Running Backs on the ground, and 32 yards in the air. As well as only 3 Touchdown’s conceded so far this season. Therefore, be cautious with Fournette and sit if you can.

Emmanuel Sanders

This is the beginning of the end for Emmanuel Sanders I feel. After two fantastic weeks to start the season, he is seeing less and less work. Meanwhile, Sutton is seeing even more work and is now the bone fide number 1 Wide Receiver in the Broncos offense. He has only had more than 5 receptions just once this season. And he has outperformed his volume so far this season. However, 1 reception for 9 yards against the Chargers is not what owners were expecting when they played him this week. And I fear he could get a similar output again this week.

Firstly, unlike Sutton, he is now matchup dependent. Especially when he is only getting 60-65% of snaps. He needs to make every target and reception count. In addition to this, he faces the Titans this week. The Titans are a top 12 defence against WR’s and they have faced some huge offensive, air minded teams this season already. They are a well organised defense and scheme to reduce big plays.

Also, Sutton is getting the Red Zone opportunities. Therefore, follow our Start/Sits advice and sit Sanders this week, and maybe more going forward.

Marvin Jones

This is going to be a hard one to swallow for the owners of Marvin Jones. Green Bay have shown time and time again they are a legitimate defence this year. The Cowboy’s picked up a ton yards last week. But they were yards that did not hurt the team as they raced out to a huge lead Sunday night.

This week Marvin Jones goes against Kevin King, who is playing lights out this season. I find it hard to name a better Cornerback pairing based on form than J’aire Alexander and Kevin King. They have been outstanding. They have only given up a Touchdown each this season also.

Jones will get the volume and he will get opportunities. However, he will need to be at his absolute best to even get to a reasonable score. You didn’t play Jones last week due to bye, so you must already have an option to replace him with. If you don’t then start him, but Jones has a low ceiling this season and I think he struggles to get to 10-12 PPR points this week. Trust the Start/Sits process and sit Jones this week.

That’s everything for this week. Please do leave comments for more Start/Sits. Also, please do check out all our other content here on and make sure you are subscribed and are downloading our podcast, which you can get in your ears 3 times a week. But until next week, Keep Rushing.

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