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Stormula on Form – Vampire League Week 9

We are getting to the sharp end of the season. Where playoff contenders begin to pull away from the pack and sharpen their stakes, ready for the kill. But how powerful will Stormula be when they face him? Already in a strong position, it is likely that the Count has the most powerful team of them all and stands to make the winner’s tournament.

Did Mercy Brown managed to make a dent in the Count’s run for the title? Here’s the rundown…


The Packers faced the 49ers in the Thursday offering. Only one player featured in the matchup – a returning Aaron Jones. Seemingly unaffected by the COVID outbreak on the team, Jones managed to put up 12.9 points, with 79 combine scrimmage yards and 5 receptions. On the other side of the matchup, Stormula mercilessly dropped his favourite kicker Mason Crosby. Crosby then proceeded to score his highest point total since Week 3. Funny how it all works. Could this bite the Vampire in the backside?


Jack had decided before this match that he would protect his vital assets. Rather than risk those starters against Stormula, he went down the tank route. With Dak Prescott on Injured Reserve, and both Mark Ingram and Julian Edelman out, he started all three players. Understandably, all three ended up with zero points. 

Sadly, those were all the players he could afford to swap in – and the five remaining players were fair game. 

Aaron Jones had played on TNF, which left Devante Parker, T.J. Hockenson, Harrison Butker and the Bills DST. Tight End Hockenson saw the most points, his five receptions for 39 yards and a touchdown warranting 14.9 points. The Bills defense was not close behind, keeping Russell Wilson as quiet as you could expect – with 5 sacks and 2 forced fumble contributing to a whopping 14 points. Parker came in behind them, with 6 receptions for 64 yards giving 12.4 points. And Butker lagged behind with 7 points – a missed field goal taking away what could be a few extra needed points. 

Considering the situation, it could have been more of a fight. But Stormula had a powerful force lined up to face Mercy Brown. And he showed no hesitation in starting some big guns.  


It was two of the Count’s previous acquisitions that did a large amount of damage. Kyler Murray laid on another rushing touchdown to add to his passing ones. He posted over half of Mercy Brown’s total score on his own. 36.92 points is one of the biggest scores I’ve seen so far writing this. Behind him, Stefon Diggs also racked up another monster point amount. 9 receptions and 118 yards gave the Vampire another 20.8 points. 

DeAndre Hopkins, another pick up from an opponents’ squads, did not fare as well. He was kept very quiet against the Dolphins defence and managed only 6 points (3 receptions and 30 yards). But James Robinson, an inspired signing at the start of the season, continues to do well for the Vampire. 99 ground yards and a touchdown added another 15.9 points. 

Logan Thomas gave another 5.8 points for his 3 receptions and 28 yards, and Tony Pollard produced 6.8 himself for the 57 ground yards and 1 yard from his sole reception. After all those, Rodrigo Blankenship’s extra 4 points and the 2 from the Chiefs defence seemed inconsequential. Stormula has run away with the victory. 

And with that, the Count made another move. Tony Pollard moved to Mercy Brown, and Aaron Jones joined his new undead master in the Daywalkers. The move could have been worse. Tony Pollard seems to be coming into form. So, some small mercy for Mercy Brown.

But who will the Vampire face next? Stormula has only a few opponents left to face in the regular season. And the choices are narrowing…


In a move some might say is an act of cowardice, Stormula has chosen to take on the bottom team, Dracula’s Sunscreen. Turning down the numerous offers of his remaining competitiors, the Vampire looks to add onto his win column. However, the players that remain in the Sunscreen’s fold could be quite tasty for certain areas of the Count’s team.

Drew Lock and Baker Mayfield might not be considered an upgrade at what the Vampire already has, nor would Matt Breida or the injured Marlon Mack at Running Back. But there is still temptation in the other RBs. Chris Carson and Kenyan Drake could return to action this week. 

And both wide receivers DJ Chark and Jerry Jeudy are coming off huge performances in the previous week. With Amari Cooper on a bye, and Kenny Golladay seemingly questionable for the Week 10 match, Chark and Jeudy could be the only two available. 

At least Austin Hooper looks to be returning to practice this week, giving a choice of whether Dracula’s Sunscreen fields him or Rob Gronkowski at Tight End. Ka’imi Fairbairn and the Seahawks defense round up the starting line up.

As it stands, there’s 20 predicted points separating the two sides, with Stormula looking to take the win. But who will the Count choose to take if he can pull off the victory here? And should the leaders be quaking in their boots when they face a stronger side in this crucial part of the season?

As people have found out many times this season, 

You can’t Count out the Count!

Rob @5YardRob

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