Presidents Trophy Gameweek Preview Presidents Trophy - Week 10 Preview - Europe need a win

Team Europe’s Last Chance – Presidents Trophy

Team Europes Last Chance – Presidents Trophy – week 11 Preview

After Europe started the season well, the USA found midseason form and pulled away. Now with only two games left of this competition, Europe needs to step up to bring this back as this could be Team Europe’s last chance.

Week 11 – The Captains

This week sees the return of the week 5 fixtures and so the captain’s matchups look like this.
Team ‘Captain America’ (The FTLS Boys) on 5-5 for the season now face Europe’s ‘Roaring Poulter’ (PittsyNFL). Last time round Poulter grabbed their 5th win but would have been their last until last week. Both teams are coming off a solid win last week and will want to push for the playoffs.

Europe’s captain ‘Team 5 Yard Rush’ (Stocks and Murf) once again have a tough battle this week as they take on USA’s ‘JSnakeDFF (Jacob). JSnakeDFF who sit at 7-3. The 5 Yard Boys got a big boost last week with a win which got them back into playoff contention as JSnake has confirmed a place last week.

Week 11 – Team Member Matchups

Team Europe’s ‘Benedict Arnold’ (Gary Haddow) struggling on 3-7 now face USA’s ‘We Selected Scut Farkus’ (Shacknado – Brian) who are just on the outskirts of the playoffs. Not only will Both teams be looking for a win for their teams but also for the hunt of that last playoff spot. Week 5 saw WSSF take the win.

Team USA’s ‘GoingFor2DotCom’ (Geoff) is 5-5 right now and are holding onto a playoff spot. The league is tight however as their opponent this week, Europe’s ‘AVFCJPS (James) are just outside the playoffs only one game back on 4-6. AVFCJPS came away with a big win in week 5 so will look for the same again this week.

Next up, two teams who lead their team’s divisions. Facing each other is team USA’s ‘Mericaaaaaa F*** YEAAA’ (DrakePFSA) and Europe’s ‘Marvellous McIlroy’ (Freddie ‘the franchise tag’ Hall). MFY is set in the playoffs but will want to get one back after losing to Mcllroy in week 5.

The final matchup is between USA’s ‘Mr America’ (Kevin Tompkins) and Europe’s ‘JoshPattenden7’. Week 5 was a close game that went the way of Europe. This game looks to be just as close as they head into week 11. Josh needs a win to keep the playoff dream alive as Mr America hopes to cement a place in the postseason.

USA hold a good lead but all to play for

After week 10 the scores are
Europe 26 – USA 34
Europe needs a big push here or will find it tough to come back as the USA will look to push on and gain more of a lead heading into the playoffs.

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Until next week, Keep Rushing

Pittsy – @PittsyNFL

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