The Presidents Trophy - Team USA

Team USA – The President’s trophy

The President’s trophy is born and needs two teams to battle for the right to take it home. One team from Europe and one team from the USA. For this, you will need to dive in and find out more of what and who is putting it all on the line to make that trophy theirs.

Welcome to Team USA – FTLS

It’s only fair that both teams in this competition got off on a level playing field. This part of the write up is all through the eyes of and written by Team USA.

John Battaglino

Captain, Coach, Mildly Funny.
Player Coach is a title that only a few can possibly handle. Johnny Batts is one of those great men that can handle such a tremendous honour. He not only brought together what will be the winning team but also a great collection of men. Like Herb Brooks once said, “I’m not looking for the best players, I’m looking for the right one.” Johnny Batts took this same approach and brought together this scrappy group of Americans.

Geoff Lambert

Assistant Captain, Redraft Warrior, Veteran Player.
Geoff was added to the team for his in-depth knowledge and expertise in the redraft world. His work with the GoingFor2 show has proven he is the perfect veteran anchor to the team. I know he will keep a level head and the team laser-focused throughout the competition. His cool demeanour is what the US squad wants and needs out of Geoff. Couldn’t imagine taking down the title without him.

Drake Peaugh

First Pick, Wild Card, Pure Energy
When John put out the call to arms for team USA, no one jumped to the opportunity like Drake! The team knew with his eager mentality and willingness to compete was the best thing for them. The USA needed a lot of energy to rise to the occasion of this Ryder Cup Challenge and Drake brings that in spades. He is like a cup of coffee injected straight to the heart of America!

Jacob Vines

Rising Star, Big Hitter, Man of Mystery.
Jacob came to the team highly recommended. Drake Peaugh knows what it takes to be part of team USA and when Jacob showed some interest he knew we needed to snag him. After some discussion of format and role on the team Jacob joined. He is a rising star in the fantasy world and he is looking to cement his name with the legacy of kicking the crap out of Europe.

Brian Shacochis

Talent Scout, Analytic Machine, Dark Horse winner.
Brian has been a long time friend of the FTLS Show. When they were challenged to this Ryder Cup, Brian knew he had to bring his talents to help the squad. Brian’s focus is on upcoming talent. Young players in the college rankings coming up and how they will perform for fantasy. He is the perfect addition to the team because every good franchise has young talent scouts to bring in new talent. Brian is that integral cog for team USA

Kevin Tompkins

Blue Collar, Team Pride, Fan Favorite.
Kevin is our Pat Reed. He is the one getting the crowd into it. He’s hyping up the gallery as he snakes an impossible win. He is everything that you need in a teammate. Passion, dedication, and determination all go into his DNA and his makeup. The things you want to find in a team player, ooze out of Kevin. Not only does he deserve to be on Team USA, but it would also be a crime if he wasn’t!

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