The 5 Yard Rush 1pt PPR Listener League Review


The 5 Yard Rush 1pt PPR listener league filled very quickly and 11 teams run by Pittsy, Marty, Ricky, Matt, Dave, Tyler, Dermy, Jack, Ethan, Shaun and Jacob joined the 5 Yard Rush boys Stocks & Murf to get the 2019 Fantasy season going. The draft order was set and went as follows, 1-Tyler 2- Dermy, 3- Matt, 4- Jacob, 5- Ricky, 6- Jack, 7- Dave, 8- Pittsy, 9- Marty, 10- Ethan, 11- 5 Yard Rush, 12- Shaun.

The league banter exploded before the draft had begun with some interesting takes on the league, then trade fanatic Ricky cracked on with organising his draft picks. He started by swapping all of his 5th slot picks for Tyler’s 1st slot picks. But it didn’t end there. Trading their 4th, 5th and 6th round picks for Jack’s 2nd and 3rd round picks. Then just before the draft Ricky traded their 9th, 10th and 11th picks for Shaun’s 6th round pick.

The First round of the draft went without further change and it was interesting to see how people see the draft process so differently. The first round went like this. 1. Barkley 2. McCaffrey 3. Zeke 4. Kamara 5. Hopkins 6. Adams 7. M Gordon 8. DJ 9. Thomas 10. JuJu 11. Mixon 12. Beckham. On the turn Gurley dropped to 2.1 followed by 5 Yard Rush picking up Julio. Then one of my favourite trades of the draft so far happened as the 5 Yard Rush boys picked up the 2.3 pick from Ethan to get Kelce and the 7th round pick giving Ethan their 3rd and 4th round picks. After that, the Second round went Bell at 2.4, Conner 2.5, Cook 2.6, Chubb 2.7, Brown 2.8, Allen 2.9, Evans 2.10, Ertz 2.11 then Williams 2.12 to finish the second round. The first QB came off the board in round 4 with Matt taking Andrew Luck. Aaron Rodgers followed three picks later with Jack picking him up with the first pick of the 5th round. Mahomes was the 3rd QB picked at 5.3. Surprisingly it was Matt who took him using his 5th round pick making it back to back QB picks.

The Chicago Bears were the first DST off the board as Shaun chose them with the first pick of the 11th round using one of Ricky’s picks he traded away earlier. Chargers DST were picked in the 12th then the Rams in the 14th. From then on the DSTs were slowly picked up until the end of the draft. Justin Tucker ended up being the first kicker taken. Shaun pulled the trigger on that position first too taking him with the first pick of the 14th round. The rest of the kickers were taken from the 17th round onwards. The Back half of the draft was all about doubling down on certain positions like QB and TEs and the rest of the picks were sorting and filling the bench with hopes and rookies.

We had a couple of notable hope picks in the first half- At 2.1 Shaun took Gurley and at 6.9 Jacob took Tyreek Hill. Near the back end of the draft a few others popped up- Josh Gordon at 15.1 picked by Ricky, an unfortunate pick of Doug Baldwin at 16.10 by Matt and Matt again at 17.3 taking Demaryius Thomas. The draft concluded after 9 days with Ricky picking our version of Mr Irrelevant Byron Pringle at 20.12. Ricky immediately placed Mr Irrelevant on the IR bench and continued his team building filling 5 slots missed through draft trades. Ricky wasn’t the only person making team moves as soon as the draft was over as Matt got rid of Doug Baldwin and added 3 players. Dermy and Ethan added 2, Tyler added 3 extra players as Murf, Jack and Pittsy each added 1 extra player. The season is nowhere near ready to begin but this league is active and ready to go. It’s going to be an interesting season.

By Pittsy