Time for the The BIG 12 Week One Quick Snap!

The BIG 12 Week One Quick Snap

The BIG 12 Week One Quick Snap

Every college football site, from ESPN to the one being run by your Ohio State fan dentist puts out weekly preview and reviews. They name the starters and the key players and what to look for on offence and defence and it’s all really…just fine. No offence Jack! but i’m dong it slightly different this year. Time for the The BIG 12 Week One Quick Snap!

These articles serve a purpose, but it’s fair to say that purpose has been overserved in the age of the internet. So, let’s look at the BIG 12 week one slate and point out some things to look out for ranging from the serious an impactful to the down-right ridiculous.

1. Oklahoma State welcome Central Michigan. Harken back to 2016, – oh the beauty of 2016 when all we had to worry about was major geo-political instability and not mutating death viruses around every corner – when Central Michigan threw a hail-mary-hook-and-ladder (yes, for real) on an untimed down that shouldn’t have even happened to win the game. I feel like, having zero experiences of him as a person, that Mike Gundy is the type of guy to hold grudges.

2. The Back Yard Brawl – the last one was in 2011 and these two schools hate each other. Plus, there’s the added layer of former USC QB v former USC QB in Kedon Slovis v JT Daniels. Vehement rivals, at night,for the first time in over 10 years. Inject it straight into my veins.

3. Kansas might win this weekend. So, there’s that.

4. Look for a cheeky week 1 upset as Iowa State, OU, Baylor, Kansas State, Texas Tech and the Longhorns all play host to the teams they paid to beat up on, smaller schools they scheduled. There’s always one that either loses outright or loses the nails on their fingers.


5. TCU take part in the first Friday night PAC 12 after-dark game against Colorado. Whilst the football might not be all that, Ralphie the buffalo is fucking awesome.

6. Is Quin Ewers good at football? We’ve all been told he is, and his mullet/beard combo makes me believe he is, I just want to see it. Against Louisiana Monroe that should be easy.

7. BIG 12 might be renegotiating their media rights package early. Meaning Texas and OU would likely join the SEC before 2025. The bit to look out for though is all the Texas and OU media convincing themselves that they are definitely ready for the SEC and they definitely won’t go 4-8 if they join in 2023.

8. Deuce Vaughn. That is all.

-Jake Self @dynastbrit

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