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The Final Fight – Vampire League, Week 17

The Final Fight – Vampire League, Week 16

Fifteen weeks of blood, blood…and more blood. And here we were, the last two standing. With his modified team of behemoths, the Vampire had collected a veritable feast of footballing stars. And going up against him, his final opponent. Jack and his team, Mercy Brown. 

So, with the Christmas period upon us, did Jack take a stand against the undead hordes? Or did the Daywalkers crash through and claim a title for their dark lord? 


The Saints and the Vikings faced off in a festive firefight, and Alvin Kamara tied for the all-time rushing touchdowns record in a single game. His performance put a shadow on everyone else’s stat line – including that of Dalvin Cook. The Daywalkers’ Running Back got himself 73 yards and a touchdown on the ground as well as 2 receptions and 12 yards. That gave the Vampire a 15.5 point lead into the next round. 


With more games came more points, and unfortunately for Jack, they went to the Daywalkers. DeAndre Hopkins didn’t grab a touchdown to add to the haul, but his 8 targets and 48 yards added another 11.8 points. Hopkins’ fumble did take away a point, but the Vampire still went into Sunday with the lead. With the way that the fixtures fell, Mercy Brown had yet to score. 


With a large portion of the games still on the Sunday schedule, then this was a chance for Jack and his team to make up some ground. His Ravens players did well compared to the Vampire’s offerings, with Mark Andrews picking up 13.6 points compared to Logan Thomas’ 13.3 points. His Baltimore defensive unit also got 10 points compared to the 5 from the Dolphins. 

It was closer in some other positions, and Jack’s squad pulled some points back. Cooper Kupp’s 8 receptions for 66 yards added another 14.6 points to Mercy Brown’s score. And Brandin Cooks had a monster day, with 7 receptions for 141 yards and a touchdown. 

But, across the other positions, it wasn’t good news for Jack. The Count’s players managed to outscore at Quarterback, with Patrick Mahomes scoring nearly double the points of Jared Goff. And both Tony Pollard and Harrison Butker scored below 10 points. 

And, with Jason Sanders’ 14 points continuing his lethal streak as the Dolphins Kicker, the Monday game between the Titans and the Packers meant it was all to play for. The Count still had a lead, but if fantasy results swung in certain ways, then it could be Jack taking home the title. 


So, with it all on the line, this figured to be a big game for both players. The Daywalkers had two big players in this game – Devante Adams and Aaron Jones. And, on the other side – the Tennessee Titan, Derrick Henry. 

However, the weather had other ideas. With freezing temperatures and falling snow, the conditions affected game plans and outcomes. And Henry’s great matchup with the Green Bay rush defense froze as well. He still managed to make an impact, but his lack of touchdowns hurt. 98 yards got him 9.8 points. 

On the other side of the ball, Aaron Jones also contributed well, with 94 yards on the ground and a further 14 yards in the air from 2 receptions. 

But the jewel in the crown, Devante Adams, seemed to be impervious to the weather – and his 43.2 points was a huge haul. How did he get there? 11 receptions, 142 yards, and three touchdowns. After all said and done, Adams was the player of the championship round. 

And with nobody left to play, that’s how the matchup finished. The Daywalkers took the title with a final score of 135.82 to 93.76 points. 


And so the Vampire took the title. In a difficult season, with plenty of injuries and COVID designations, it was the waiver wire that was the key. But you have to play the right players to make it. And that’s what Stormula did. 

So, Congratulations to the Count.  As we have learnt so many times this season, you count him out at your own peril. 

Enjoy the offseason, everybody!

Rob @5YardRob


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