The Presidents Trophy - Team Europe

Here’s Team Europe -The Presidents Cup

The Teams

The President’s trophy is born and needs two teams to battle for the right to take it home. One team from Europe and one team from the USA. For this, you will need to dive in and find out more of what and who is putting it all on the line to make that trophy theirs.

Welcome to team Europe – 5 Yard Rush

It’s only fair that both teams in this competition got off on a level playing field. This part of the write up is all through the eyes of and written by Team Europe

Adam ‘Murf’ Murfet

The Big Man himself leads off for Team Europe. Blazing a trail so bright is eviscerates all in its wake. A 20 year veteran of the Fantasy Football world there is no strategy that he can’t foresee. No opponent that he can’t see through. Last year Murf returned 39% of the Ships he went after. Casual destruction of the 45+ leagues he was in. Whether its streaming positions or sniping in the draft. Murf has a Deathstroke like consistency when it comes to getting his targets. He gets his guys in the draft and then punishes you in the waivers. FABB? He will pick your pocket. Priority? He will wait till he is priority one and nab his guy. The only thing he knows how to do is win. There is no better man to lead off the battleship that is Team Europe.

Chris ‘Stocks’ Mitchell

The man, the myth, the legend. Without Stocks, there is no 5 Yard Rush. He joins Murf as Co-captain which is both a blessing for Team USA and a curse. On one hand, they don’t have to deal with a single team run by Stocks himself which would collect Ws like the taxman. On the other, they now have to deal with a team run by 2 absolute legends in Stocks and Murf. An Amphisbaena for team Europe, A double-headed snake, both heads identically brilliant, with the ability to move both forwards and backwards to confuse its enemies.
Stocks will steer the Europe ship whilst facilitating greatness as he leads by example. The Yoda of the group. Wise and powerful. You might as well hand over the trophy now before he waves his hand in front of you and tells you it’s ours.

Gary ‘SB9 Winner’ Haddow

The Great White Shark of Team Europe. The Scott Fish Bowl. Heard of it? Gary’s completed it mate. In the ultimate retaliation play Gary who now resides in ‘Merica’, saddles up for the opponents. Born in the United Kingdom, Gary took his Fantasy Football talents across the pond and pulled their pants down. Oh is this your game? Yeah, he just went and won the biggest event out there. No biggy, it’s just what he does. The Pro of Team Europe Gary is the engine room of the squad and fires up all the cylinders to obliterate the Stars and Stripes. Vengeance, it will be his. Once he provides the dub in his matchups he will be given the keys to all the states he wants. All Hail the King of America.

Andy ‘The Pitt Monster’ Pitts

This guy! In every team, there is the guy who always has that extra pep in his step. The guy who wants one more rep in the weight room. When others have left he’s the guy working in the darkness left behind to hone his craft. There is nothing he won’t do to better himself and in doing so bettering the team. Think you have gears? This guy has one more. Need more bullets? He will give you his last magazine. Not only is he the heart of the team but he’s the blood that courses through the squad too. His energy, passion and commitment to the 5 Yard massive is unparalleled, unwavering and constantly on the up. There isn’t a stronger pillar of Team Europe than this dude. The anchor holding everyone in place if anything was to get choppy. Pittsy knows nothing but getting the W. Period.

Josh ‘Drink’ Pattenden

The OG. If Stocks is Yoda then Josh is Luke. From Padawan to master in one year. Josh went on to win the home dynasty league in its inaugural year. He then went on to win the 5 Yard Auction Listener League and got one of those sweet winners T-shirts. He is an assassin in his trading and will squeeze all juice from the lemon. Think you can win a trade with our boy? Think again. He only knows one way to play Fantasy Football and that is to get into the playoffs. Once in the Playoffs, his strike rate is fearsome. Like a Samurai’s Katana, he will effortlessly slice through the twinkies on the other side of the draw and bring back those points for Team Europe.

Freddie ‘The Franchise’ Hall

The owner of not one, but two Podcasts, Freddie and his Viking like flowing locks are cerebral in the way he studies the game. Forged from the city of Steel, The Franchise knows where the weak points of his opponents are and strikes with a blow so severe it severs in one swing. His first season of Fantasy Football, Freddie won his league. He then went on to win his league in 2019. Another thoroughbred winner Freddie has been training for this moment his whole career. His selection video made the Yanks quake literally in their boots. If you found his video intense, wait till you see the way he builds his roster and scythe through the enemy. Swift, lethal and clean Freddie knows what he wants and gets it. Simple, he is here to bring home the bacon for Team Europe.

James ‘ The Villa Killer’ Spavin

2019 was a breakout year for AVFCJPS, catching Murf and Stocks eye with 10 NFL Fantasy Tour wins, including taking them down for his first Major in a listener league (despite drafting Melvin Gordon in the first round). Between an impressive off-season of drafting, the ability to scramble to victory from a bad start and previous international success, he figures to be a key player in leading the European Team to victory.

To follow the Battle of the Podcasts President’s Trophy, be sure to keep listening to the 5 Yard Rush Podcast and the For The Love of Sunday podcast. Or follow it all on twitter as the teams do battle @5yardrush and @FTLS_JBatts @FTLSunday

-Pittsy @PittsyNFL

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