2020 Vampire League Stormula Daywalkers Count

The Rise of Count Stormula


In the first article of this season-long series, we introduce the 5 Yard Vampire League, and go into its formation, its rules and introduce the immortal Count himself… 

Several months back, the idea of forming a 10 team Vampire league floated amongst the 5 Yard staff team. The Vampire format is unique. It incorporates features from other league styles to create a competitive and strategic experience for all involved. 


Once the roster spots are full, one player at random (in our case, chosen by a 100 yard avatar dash) receives the curse of the VAMPIRE. The vampire is then excluded from the draft that follows. Everyone else drafts their teams for the season, and the vampire gets free reign to select anyone left to join their vile legion of minions. 

To even the odds, only the Vampire can use the waiver wire throughout the season. The other teams are locked tight – the players you drafted are your only hope against the army of darkness now. 

The season plays out as normal. Head-to-head matchups determine league rankings and playoff berths. The Vampire also plays in these matches, and it’s here that players must watch out for the fiend’s deadly bite. If they battle the Vampire and lose, then the victorious undead will have the pick of those players he faced. He can take one player from the loser’s starting lineup to bring them into his wicked coven. Thus, the player who faces the Vampire must decide – do they risk their best players, in the chance that they lose the match? Or do they risk it all in the hope of a victory? 

It gets even better for the Vampire. They set the schedule of who they face each week of the season. So, if your team has many players on a Week 8 bye, you could expect the Count when that eighth week rolls around.

The good news for those other 9 players is that they only face the Vampire a maximum of two times during the season. This makes that schedule planning even more of a necessity for whoever becomes the Vampire. The opportunity to take a specific player only comes around once or twice. They must make the most of it. 


In the end, some of the brave souls at 5 Yard Rush took up the mantle. Together, along with some freelance monster hunters, they assembled on the start line. The race that determined who would have the curse for the season to come. And, in the end, none of the staff team succumbed. It was another who fell into darkness and rose again – as Count Stormula. 

So the remaining members went to work under the vampire’s watchful eye, bringing together teams to face the task ahead. Their vampire vigilante groups were strongly named – ‘Vampire Hunter Henry’, ‘Hayden‘s Hearse’ and ‘Jacksonville Jugulars’ branded to the highest quality.  And then, once the final pick fell…the Count made his dastardly moves. 

The Daywalkers, as the Vampire’s minions would be known, filled up with those players left over. 2015 MVP Cam Newton signed with the Patriots mere days after the draft completed. As nobody else was able to make the move, he was at Stormula’s whim. Just like that, he became the jewel in the Vampire crown. And, after Denzel Mims‘ injury early on in camp, Jamison Crowder became an important part of the Jets’ offense. Now he could be another pawn in the dark lord’s fold.

We have already seen some of the other players slither and slide towards the top of their team’s depth charts, ready to do their master’s bidding. Now, all we can do is wait to see which victim the Vampire will choose first…

Join us each week as we watch the wicked plan unfold. To summarise, not only do those nine teams have each other to contend with…but also the threat of an all-powerful opponent. And one thing is certain…

You can never count out the Count. 

Until next time,

Rob @CowsillRob

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