SEC Week 5 Quick Snap

The SEC Week One Quick Snap

The SEC Week One Quick Snap

Every college football site, from ESPN to the one being run by your Ohio State fan dentist puts out weekly preview and reviews. They name the starters and the key players and what to look for on offence and defence and it’s all really…just fine. No offence Jack! but i’m dong it slightly different this year. Time for the The SEC Week One Quick Snap!

These articles serve a purpose, but it’s fair to say that purpose has been overserved in the age of the internet. So, let’s look at the SEC week one slate and point out some things to look out for ranging from the serious and impactful
to the down-right ridiculous.

1. The much-hyped Tennessee Vols play Thursday night against the mighty Ball State. They are huge favourites which, because they are Tennessee, means they will probably lose.

2. The lesser-hyped Missou Tigers play La Tech on Thursday. Huge favourites also… you see where I’m going with this.

Bo is going to Nixed by Georgia

3. We get to watch famed sadomasochist Bo Nix get his rocks off as Georgia grinds what’s left of his shattered bones to powder. You may think sadomasochist is an extreme label to give poor Bo. He chose Oregon knowing they play Georgia week 1. I rest my case.

4. It would be so LSU of LSU to lose to a Florida State team that… checks notes… lost to Jacksonville State in 2021. God help the poor bar workers who have to serve Florida State and LSU fans on Bourbon Street in NOLA this weekend!

5. If you tune into the Utah State @ Alabama game you might actually get to see offensive linemen run away from Will Anderson. Might…

6. Utah in the Swamp against Florida will be worth checking out simply for the spectacle. The Swamp on a big game like this projects a raucous atmosphere and the “Florida Man” mythos 1000% extends to Gators fans If the camera doesn’t pan to someone who looks like Joe Exotic had a kid with Pat Butcher from Eastenders, we have been done a disservice as viewers.

Time for some Tank

7. Auburn play Mercer. If that game is anything but a blow out for Auburn, we might get to see Auburn fans pull a Tennessee. Generously launching condiment bottles at HC Bryan Harsin.

8. Vanderbilt should move to 2-0. It’s a wild, wild world out there folks.

9. Cincinnati go on the road to Fayetteville in what could be the dark-horse game of the weekend. No way Arkansas take the Bearcats lightly and Razorback Stadium is one hell of an atmosphere.

-Jake Self @dynastbrit

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