Tower of Power-Fantasy Rankings

The Tower of Power – Week 2 Fantasy Rankings

In this regular article, we give you the lowdown of the week’s top performing Fantasy players, based on 0.5PPR format scoring in what we like to call ‘THE TOWER OF POWER’. For the interest of longevity and variety, we have only included the top 6 Quarterbacks in this list. This is to allow other offensive positions spaces on the board. Otherwise, most of the list would consist of QBs! However, we have included the weekly points rank of the players – so you can see where they lie on the overall points scoring for the week.  

You’ll also notice that the players aren’t necessarily in the order they would appear on the list. That’s because we have weighted some positions higher than others. Wide Receivers and Running Backs who earn higher points will be further up the list due to how many players feature in those positions for a team, and in the league, on a weekly basis. Those fields are deeper so the difference their points could make to winning rosters is bigger. So, unless they have had meteoric weeks, Tight Ends and Quarterbacks will likely end up below those first two positions. 


Weekly Fantasy Rankings

So, who was ‘Top of the Tower’ once the dust had settled on Week 2’s matches?

After Devante Adams finished first in Week 1, it’s another Packer at the peak this week.

1. Aaron Jones, RB, Green Bay – 43.6 pts (1st overall)

Jones was in fine form against the Lions, trashing their defense for 236 scrimmage yards. Amongst that haul, he zipped in two rushing touchdowns and caught a third to help the Packers cruise past their divisional rivals. And all this done on 22 touches (18 carries, 4 completions from 8 targets). What a haul. 

2. Dak Prescott, QB, Dallas Cowboys – 38.8pts (2nd)

It was certainly a tale of two halves for Prescott. The Cowboys were unable to keep hold of the football in the first half, both in possession and in their hands. As such, it required a monumental effort to turn it around. And Dak was a true leader in that regard – pushing in three rushing touchdowns of his own and passing a fourth. The 450 yards he made during the game will have also helped in some regard too…

3. Cam Newton, QB, New England Patriots – 35.6pts (3rd)

Cam was another Quarterback who was good on his feet this week and, like last week, scored a brace of touchdowns over 47 rushing yards to add to his tally. He also managed to get 397 passing yards on 30/44 attempts – plus a passing touchdown to rack up extra points.  

4. Alvin Kamara, RB, New Orleans Saints, – 33.9pts (6th)

Kamara was Drew Brees’ go to guy without his stalwart receiver Michael Thomas. Although the Saints lost the match, the Running Back ran the show. His 79 rushing yards and 95 receiving yards were perked up by two rushing touchdowns. A huge fantasy boost for owners, which will have no doubt turned around some matchups this week.

5. Josh Allen – QB, Buffalo Bills – 34.5pts (4th)

As if breaking his own record last week wasn’t enough, Allen went another step further against the Dolphins. Passing four touchdowns over 417 yards is such a drastically different look to last season. Although Allen did say he would run less, and he only got 18 yards on the ground. But with the huge return from the pass game, it hardly mattered.

6. Calvin Ridley, WR, Atlanta Falcons – 26.4pts (11th)

 Ridley was the target of choice for Matt Ryan in their game against the Cowboys. Catching 7 of his 10 targets, he picked up 107 yards and hauled in two touchdowns to help propel the Falcons into a 26-7 lead. Although the Falcons eventually lost the game, Ridley was one of the fantasy winners. 

7. Russell Wilson, QB, Seattle Seahawks – 34.4 pts (5th)

Perhaps people thought it would turn out different for Wilson’s statline this week after he threw an pick six on his first drive. But it wasn’t to be the case. Wilson threw 21 for 28 for 288 yards, and dropped another 5 passing touchdowns to help his Seahawks beat the Pats and go 2-0. And he continues to add rushing yards – another 39 picked up in the Sunday late game. 

8. Tyler Higbee, TE, Los Angeles Rams – 25.90pts (12th)

Higbee is the first Tight End in the power rankings. Catching all 5 of his targets for 54 yards. It’s clear to see that on the day he was Goff’s redzone guy with 3 TD receptions. If Higbee can continue these kind of weeks, expect him to finish as one of the top Tight Ends in 2020.

9. Nick Chubb, RB, Cleveland Browns – 25.80pts (13th)

These are the kind of performances fantasy owners expect from Chubb. He rushed for 124 yards on 22 carries, scoring 2 rushings TD’s. He brought in his only target for 9 yards. The Browns get their first win of the 2020 season with Chubb their top preformer.

10. Leonard Fournette, RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 25.60pts (14th)

With no fantasy owner wanting anything to do with Tampa Bay’s Running Backs, Fournette put a great numbers which could be a sign. Rushing for 103 yards and 2 TD’s on only 12 carries could see him become the main guy for the Buccaneers. He also caught 4 of his 5 targets for 13 yards.

11. Kyler Murray, QB, Arizona Cardinals – 33.1pts (7th)

Murray could have had a tough game against the Washington defense, but danced his way through their lines to pick up a brace of touchdowns. Add in another passing touchdown to Nuke Hopkins, and a healthy 286 yards passing on 26/38 attempts. An interception took a little of the shine off but Murray is still looking sharp – and the Cards are 2-0.  

12. Stefon Diggs, WR, Buffalo Bills – 25.30pts (16th)

Diggs had himself a day helping Buffalo beat Miami. Bringing in 8 out of his 13 targets. Racking up an impressive 153 yards and a TD. The Bills are clearly favourites to win the AFC East with their 2-0 start, and Diggs is certainly helping with 22 targets in the first 2 games.

13. Kareem Hunt, RB, Cleveland Browns – 23.1pts (21st)

Nick Chubb may have gotten the most fantasy points out of the two Cleveland Running Backs this week – but it wasn’t by much. Kareem Hunt made another strong statement with 86 yards and a touchdown off just 10 carries. Much of this came in the fourth quarter against a tired Bengals defence, but every point counts in fantasy. He also ended up with 2 receptions off as many targets, and 15 receiving yards. 

14. Mike Gesicki, TE, Miami Dolphins – 23pts (22nd)

Gesicki proved why he was one of the top targets for Fitzpatrick last year. He also helped showed that last week’s anonymity should be considered a one-off. 11 targets gave him 8 receptions for 130 yards and a touchdown. If it weren’t for other monster Tight End stat lines this week, he would be hitting the top of the TE pile. 

15. CMC, RB, Carolina Panthers – 22.8 pts (23rd)

McCaffrey hit the end zone again this week, although his performance was rather muted against the tough Tampa defense. To compound the issue, CMC is now out for several weeks with an injury that he got in the game. We may not see him on the list for several weeks. But at least we can admire his 18 carries yielding 59 yards and that touchdown, as well as 4 completions on 5 targets giving him 29 yards.

16. Matt Ryan, QB, Atlanta Falcons – 28.5pts (8th)

Ryan found great connections with Calvin Ridley and Russell Gage this week. Ridley picked up a brace of scoring passes from the Quarterback, and Gage got another. Ryan also got Hayen Hurst involved in the passing action for his first touchdown at his new club. 24 completions on 36 passes and 273 yards. He also picked up 16 yards rushing on 4 carries. 

17. Terry McLaurin, WR, Washington – 22pts (26th)

McLaurin has been described as a ‘set and forget’ kind of Wide Receiver. And he set himself up for a place on this list with a three figure return in yardage. Seven catches from ten receptions produced 125 yards and a touchdown. Although Washington slip to 1-1 in their division, McLaurin may have gotten your fantasy team the W. 

18. Julian Edelman, WR, New England Patriots – 21.9pts (27th)

Patriots stalwart Edelman cooked up another performance in their loss to the Seahawks. Although he didn’t find the end zone, the veteran produced the most yards of all Wide Receivers in Week 2. His 179 yards came from 8 catches (11 targets), and was only 1 yard away from getting his own TD. However, you can expect that situation to rectify itself, if Cam Newton continues to connect with Edelman in the same way he did this week. 

19. Jonnu Smith, TE, Tennessee Titans – 22.4pts (24th)

Smith continued to reward his pre-season admirers with another tectonic performance against the Jaguars. His four receptions off 5 targets ended up with 84 yards and two touchdowns. That’s three in two games, and the giant doesn’t look like stopping any time soon. If Ryan Tannehill continues his hot passing streak, then expect consistent targets in Smith’s direction. 

20. Darren Waller, TE, Las Vegas Raiders – 22.3pts (25th)

Another Monday Night Football fantasy winner, Waller will have definitely turned the tide for fantasy owners this week. The Tight End went some way to justifying why he should have stayed a top-5 positional draft pick. Catching 12 of 16 targets, he romped to 103 yards and a touchdown. Waller and Carr continue their chemistry going into Week 3. 



So which of our top 20 could be featuring once again on this list next week? Who can repeat the feat? And who will fall from the Tower of Power?


Cam Newton – vs. Raiders

Ryan Tannehill – at Vikings

Aaron Jones – at Saints

Russell Wilson – vs. Cowboys

Kyler Murray – vs. Lions

Alvin Kamara – vs. Packers

Mike Gesicki – at Jags

Jonnu Smith – at Vikings

Terry McLaurin – at Browns


Leonard Fournette – at Broncos

Stefon Diggs – vs. Rams

Calvin Ridley and Matt Ryan – vs. Bears

Josh Allen – vs. Rams

Dak Prescott – at Seahawks

Nick Chubb and kareem Hunt – vs. Washington

CMC – at Chargers

Darren Waller – at Patriots

Julian Edelman – vs. Raiders



(0.5PPR Format)

Top 5 Quarterbacks

Rank Name, Position, Team F.Pts (0.5PPR) Overall Rank ⇧ / ⇩
1 Russell Wilson, QB, SEA 66.2 1 ⇧2
2 Josh Allen, QB, BUF 62.7 2 ⇧8
3 Cam Newton, QB, NE 61.3 3 ⇧9
4 Kyler Murray, QB, ARI 60.4 4 ⇧5
5 Dak Prescott, QB, DAL 57.4 6 ⇧36

Top 5 Running Backs

Rank Name, Position, Team F.Pts (0.5PPR) Overall Rank ⇧ / ⇩
1 Aaron Jones, RB, GB 58.2 5 ⇧47
2 Alvin Kamara, RB, NO 55.1 8 ⇧20
3 Christian McCaffrey, RB, CAR 49.8 10    
4 Josh Jacobs, RB, LVR 45.9 15 ⇩14
5 Ezekiel Elliott, RB, DAL 45.4 16 ⇩3

Top 5 Wide Receivers


Name, Position, Team

F.Pts (0.5PPR) Overall Rank

⇧ / ⇩

1 Calvin Ridley, WR, ATL 55.8 7 ⇩2
2 Davante Adams, WR, GB 39.7 22 ⇩21
3 DeAndre Hopkins, WR, ARI 38.9 24 ⇩2
4 Stefon Diggs, WR, BUF 37.9 25 ⇧54
5 Robby Anderson, WR, CAR 35.8 28 ⇩8

Top 5 Tight Ends

Rank Name, Position, Team F.Pts (0.5PPR) Overall Rank

⇧ / ⇩

1 Jonnu Smith, TE, TEN 34 33 ⇧61
2 Travis Kelce, TE, KC 33.5 34 ⇧33
3 Noah Fant, TE, DEN 32.3 41 ⇧7
4 Tyler Higbee, TE, LAR 31.4 44 ⇧152
5 Darren Waller, TE, LVR  29.8 53 ⇧9

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