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Two Colts Game And Two Stadiums In 7 Days

As part of my three-month, 21 NFL game trip, I have the pleasure of going to multiple games a week. By coincidence, I happened to go to two Indianapolis Colts games in the space of five days.

Sunday saw me watch the Colts play the Tennessee Titans at the Lucas Oil Stadium before travelling to Denver and seeing a Field Goal bonanza in Empower Field at Mile High.

But how do the two compare? Here is my review of the two stadiums.

Lucas Oil Stadium (Titans 24-17 Colts)

If you like American History then you will like Indianapolis. From the Benjamin Harrison presidential site to the USS War Memorial, there is plenty to see.

History certainly appears to be repeating itself when it comes to the Colts. Matt Ryan appears to be another veteran quarterback, entering the last chance, who fails to get it done.

The Colts have had five starting quarterbacks since Andrew Luck’s shock retirement just before the start of the 2019 season. This goes to show the struggles that the franchise has had.

The game itself saw the Titans dominate for most of it as they ended up winners. Despite this, the atmosphere was still strong.

Whilst for both stadiums, the home team winning would have made the atmosphere even better, there is no doubt that Lucas Oil Stadium is one that fans should still go to.

The sunshine certainly added to the experience, coming from a Brit who is used to watching sporting events in the rain. It also meant that the retractable window was open. This not only meant that there was extra space for food and drink stalls but it also meant that you could watch the game from your space in the queue.

The food itself was not great, but there was plenty of option. As I entered the stadium, I was blown away with the view. There was a similar feel to what I will have in December when I attend a game at the SoFI stadium, where you can see the fans way before you enter your seat.

When I entered my seat, the view is breath-taking. You are just blown away by the sheer size of the place, considering that it does not look that big when you look from the outside. It is the NFL’s version of the Tardis.

My seats were fantastic, but I am in no doubt that any seat in the stadium would be brilliant.

Despite all of this, I would not say the atmosphere or crowd noise was as good as Lumen Field or the Paycor Stadium.

Rating: 7/10

Empower Field at Mile High (Colts 12-9 Broncos)

This stadium, by far, has had the best pregame and half-time atmosphere. However, a dull game made the crowd restless and disheartened. Therefore, as a result, despite the fans being loud and the ground shaking when the Colts were on third down, this killed any chances of the atmosphere being the best I’ve seen so far.

The stadium, to look at, is a masterpiece. Everyone gets a free game programme, there are bars and souvenir shops galore inside. The stadium, like Lucas Oil Stadium is easy to get to on public transport but the way back is trickier. The food was really good if you are prepared to pay for it.

Talks of a new stadium should be removed due to the fact that this stadium is brilliant from an aesthetic point of view. From horses running onto the field and parachuters coming onto the field pre-game, there is not a lot to complain about. However, the aforementioned dull game and a poor showing from Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson meant that the crowd were not as loud as they could be. If the team was flying, this would be a 10/10.

Rating: 8/10

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