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Vampire League – Week 1 to Week 2


In the latest of the series, we review the Vampire’s first match and look forward to who he has selected to face next. So, as the first week draws to a close, did the Vampire manage to take a tasty treat for his line up? Or did his victim manage to get away?

Thursday Night

A triumphant performance by the Texans’ Will Fuller saw the Vampire make the first move towards victory. Although the encounter was brief, Fuller’s 112 yard game against the Chiefs saw Stormula heading into the weekend games with a 19.2 – 0 lead. A lead to savour for several days. 

Sunday Games

Lewis recognised the potential danger with Kenyan Drake, instead playing Josh Jacobs and Chris Carson as his Running Backs. This proved to be a wise decision and the turning point of the contest. Both players tore through their opponents on the battlefield, with Jacobs rampaging to 3 rushing touchdowns over 93 yards. Carson took two receiving ones of his own – worth their weight in gold. 

And, although rookie lead back James Robinson fought valiantly for his master, he just broke into double digits. Indeed, fortune smiled favourably upon the Count’s human opponent – the Count’s minion Mack saw his season come to a premature end with a torn Achilles. The weakness in the team exposed. 

However, no solace could be taken from the Running Back performances. Both grizzled time-defying veteran Greg Olsen and Jamison Crowder emerged with a receiving touchdown. Crowder also churned out three figure receiving yards. And Chargers Kicker Michael Badgley also outscored his counterpart.

So it was, as the day’s games drew to a tense close, that the Vampire kept hold of his lead. With a slender advantage of 113.4 points to 101.2, the Count was on the verge of victory. Only a sophomore Colorado Quarterback could save Lewis now…

Monday Night Games

And so it came down to the wire. Drew Lock was fighting for Lewis’ fantasy football life. The game started brightly, Lock grabbing himself a receiving touchdown to Noah Fant early at the end of the first quarter. But every drive combined into a disastrous run for the QB. A Melvin Gordon fumble, mixed in with several punts and a turnover on downs. A second touchdown came in the form of a rushing punch from Gordon, but alas, Lock could not lock it down for his commander. 

As the final whistle sounded, the Vampire had his first victim. And he showed no mercy. By now it was confirmed that Marlon Mack was out for the season with an Achilles injury. So this is the man that Count Stormula traded across, leaving his victim with dead weight for the rest of the campaign. And who did he convert in return? The three-TD man himself, Josh Jacobs

Now Jacobs is the undoubted lead back for the forces of darkness. But who has the vampire chosen for his next victim? 


It’s a battle of the Vamps as the Daywalkers are going up against ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’ – the team owned by Andre a.k.a Nandos3k. Alas, our Count Stormula is not a work of fiction. And, now he has his deadly new toy, fully intends to make a tasty dish out of the opposition this week. It will certainly be a hot and spicy match this week. 

But why Andre? Perhaps the Count spotted the emerging gaps in his team – as the league draft came before Derrius Guice’s fall from grace. A permanent handicap in a league where the humans can not make waiver transactions. Injuries are playing a part as well – his San Fran Wide Receiver Deebo Samuel is still out of action. 

But who else does ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’ have within its ranks? A pair of number one picks lead the line in Joe Burrow and Kyler Murray – both fresh from rushing touchdowns in Week 1. And alongside the disgraced Guice in the Running Back room are Nick Chubb and Jordan Howard.

The Wide Receivers include Chris Godwin and DJ Metcalf, as well as D.J. Moore and Henry Ruggs to go with the injured Deebo. Tight Ends consist of top 5 TE Darren Waller and the Bills’ Dawson Knox. Jake Elliott is the sole kicker for the team, and the Chargers round off the lineup. 

The Daywalkers go into the weekend currently behind in the points predictions. But, as we all saw last week…

You can never count out the Count!

Rob @CowsillRob

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