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Vampire League Week 10 – Stormula Shows Mercy?

Vampire League Week 10- Stormula Shows Mercy?

Another week, and the Vampire shoves another opponent to the dirt. But could it have been a shift in the light? It looked like there could have been some benevolence in the Vampire’s eyes as he towered over a team ripe for the taking. What could have let to such a switch?

Let’s go over the week’s match to determine why this could have been the case...


With no players taking part in the Thursday or Monday matches, the action was confined to the Sunday slate. This would be decided over just one day. A intensely fierce bloodbath. 

And there were big hitters in this match – ones that would have made the difference in many a match-up. Sadly, all but one of those belonged to the Count. His collection of firepower over the previous weeks had put him in an overpowering situation. 

Lewis did have the Tight End 1 of the week in Rob Gronkowski, as the returning legend gave 13.1 points with his 2 completed receptions for 51 yards and a touchdown. Unfortunately, only himself and Jerry Jeudy managed to break double points for Dracula’s Sunscreen. The Rookie Wide Receiver stumbled over that mark with 4 completions and 68 yards for 10.8 points. 

Everyone else on the human team, even Baker Mayfield on a windy Cleveland day, got under 10 points. Matt Breida didn’t manage to feature for the Dolphins as he heals from injury. So that left the door wide open for Stormula to take hold. 

Kyler Murray got 30.8 points with his usual passing and rushing combinations. Both James Robinson and DeAndre Hopkins crashed over 100 yards from scrimmage. And Aaron Jones and Stefon Diggs were not far behind. Dallas Goedert, Mason Crosby and the Lions defence also managed to contribute points to the haul. It is needless to go into details, but the Vampire crushed his opponent without thought. And, interestingly enough, he did it with out taking any strong players out. This was a formidable line-up to put out. 


So, as Dracula’s Sunscreen lay on the floor, beaten up from their underworldly encounter, perhaps there was mercy in the Vampire’s eyes. He looked at that defeated team and made a choice. He would not take any players from this group.

And so he turned to go. But a voice from above (or below, because he’s a Vampire?) stopped him in his tracks. He must choose one sacrifice. The victory was taken, so must a player. So, seemingly with great reluctance, Stormula turned to take the Seahawks defence, transferring back the Lions. The worst pass defence taken, the worst run defence given back. No real change…

But who will the Vampire take on this week?


It’s here. The reckoning that nervous onlookers have wanted to see since the league began to take shape. A goading figure has stood his ground each week ready for combat. Each time, the Vampire has seemingly ignored his requests for battle and chosen other weaker victims to take on first. But now the moment has arrived. 

‘Hegerton’ is the one chosen to face the Vampire this week. Perhaps the Count felt like the time was right to take on Ghould Hunt. His team was at its strongest. And, looking at the line up that Harry can put out there, he would need it to be. 

The only team not to have been majorly rocked by big injuries, Ghould Hunt only has a few questionable tags across the board.

The recently liberated DeShaun Watson and Matt Stafford make up his Quarterback duo. Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Alvin Kamara and Kareem Hunt make up a deadly Running Back trio. Another formidable three in Tyler Lockett, Allen Robinson and Jarvis Landry at Wide Receiver. And Tight End #1 Travis Kelce is joined by Eric Ebron. 

He was even considerate enough to pick up two kickers and two defenders – likely one of the only outfits to do that too. Justin Tucker and Robbie Gould make his kicking unit, with the Patriots and Titans the DSTs in the team. 

In any normal league this team would no doubt be a table-topper. With a wide variety of offensive players to pick from, it’s no wonder why Harry’s team sits where it does. They really are on a Ghould Hunt, and the Vampire is square in the crosshairs.  

But one things for sure,

You can’t Count out the Count!

Rob @5YardRob

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