2020 Vampire League Stormula Daywalkers Count

Vampire League Week 12 – The Stormula Steamroller

Vampire League Week 12 – The Stormula Steamroller

Last week saw a Travis Kelce touchdown make the difference between Stormula and Harry’s teams. Week 12 saw the Vampire take on another title rival. The run down to the playoffs looked tough whichever way he took it. But the Daywalkers decided to stand against the Sourbeer team first. How did he fare?


Sadly, because the Pittsburgh – Baltimore game was postponed due to coronavirus, players from both sides saw a delay to their schedule. However, benched Marvin Jones did start for Detroit and ended up with 10.8 points. Sourbeer may have lived to regret that slightly, as his designated starter Julio Jones ended as out for Atlanta’s game, and stagnated with 0 points. He must have been ‘hopping’ mad!


With the scores still even going into the weekend fixtures, it was all to play for. With the Steelers – Ravens game yet to come (and potentially hanging in the balance), that made the points here even more important. And it turned out that the Stormula trade for Patrick Mahomes was vital in winning this match. The MVP Quarterback went off for 30.28 points – nearly as many as Sourbeer’s entire squad before Wednesday’s game. 462 yards and three touchdowns, as well as several runs, ended up with a huge score.

Sadly, his Running Back Josh Jacobs didn’t fare as well, and it likely turned out that Mahomes got enough points for the two of them. Several fumbles and an injury cut the Raiders Running Back’s game short, and he ended up with 4.4 points off 44 combined scrimmage yards and 3 receptions.

Dalvin Cook fared better for the Sourbeer team,  with 4 receptions and 82 combined scrimmage yards, although his fumble gave the running back 9.2 points in the end. But Lynn Bowden didn’t catch his sole reception and ended up with the Sourbeer’s second 0 of the matchup. 


The Wide Receivers from both teams all ended up with double digit points, although it would have been four had Marvin Jones started. Keenan Allen was the sole receiver on the Sourbeer team and picked up 16 points from 4 receptions, 1 touchdown and 1 two point conversion. 

The receivers belonging to Stormula also found decent scores. Stefon Diggs picked up 7 receptions and 39 yards for 10.9 fantasy points, while DHop got himself 10.5 from 5 receptions for 55 yards. Neither of them scored a touchdown but with only one opposing Wide Receiver, it didn’t really matter. 

Sourbeer had Dan Arnold in the Tight End position, who only managed one reception for 17 yards. With Dallas Goedert yet to play, it seemed two receptions would beat Arnold’s score.

Will Lutz managed to give a positional advantage for Sourbeer at the kicking position, managing 7 points compared to Rodrigo Blankenship’s 2 points. But even though the Browns defence ended up scoring 0 points, they still beat the Bears. The Chicago defense ended up with -4 points because they conceded 35 points. 


Monday Night brought finality to the Tight End matchup. Stormula had Dallas Goedert, who seems to be the only bright mark on the Eagles team at the moment. He grabbed 7 receptions for 75 yards and a touchdown. In the end, the Tight End matchup was anything but tight. 

So, with Big Ben yet to play for the Sourbeer team, and Benny Snell in line for his first Stormula start, the Daywalkers held the lead with 78.58 points to 30.9 points. 


In a bizarre string of postponements and rescheduling for a Christmas light switch-on, the Steelers and Ravens game did eventually go ahead on Wednesday afternoon. Big Ben and Snell did play, and the Quarterback did come out on top with more points…but only just! Snell’s 3 completions for 33 yards and 60 further yards on the ground gave him 12.3 points. Sourbeer’s Quarterback produced 266 yards and 1 touchdown, with one pick. A solitary kneel reduced the total yards very slightly, but still brought 13.54 points to the Sourbeer team. 

That left the final score at a comfortable 91.88 to 44.44 victory for the Daywalkers. And the change getting made? It was a Running Back trade. Fresh from his performance, Snell made his way to the Sourbeer team…and Dalvin Cook came across. This Vampire team is looking as healthy as a human team on draft day! It was always going to be a real ask to take on the Count and win – Cook’s addition makes it even harder. The two-time Tower of Power topper is a real threat. 


So, with only one week left to play, that left only BUF The Vampire Slayer left to play the Daywalkers. That team was led by the league’s very own fantasy football Blues Brother. The teams have not faced each other before, so they are saving this showdown until the final week. 

As it stands, both teams stands on 9-3. With Ghould Hunt’s win this week, that team is at 10-2, and has clinched the regular season title. But that leaves only one bye week slot left. And our competitors this week are well within the mix to make the bye week – if they can beat the other. 

Russell Wilson leads the BUF group at present, with Matt Ryan as a backup. The Running Backs seem to be in a tricky situation at the moment. James Conner and Jonathon Taylor are both sidelined on the COVID list, and Tarik Cohen is out on IR. The Wide Receivers are in a much better condition, and come in on hot form. Devante Adams, Tyreek Hill and Tyler Boyd make a frightful trio. Jonnu Smith and Evan Engram have done comparatively well at Tight End this season.

And the Blues Brother was wise enough to pick up two defenses. The Saints and the 49ers are two incredible DSTS. And he had done the same with kickers, but Zane Gonzalez has had to pick up sole kicking duties while Josh Lambo rests on IR. 

Plenty of players to pick from if Stormula comes away with the win. The Blue Brother has got a fearsome unit, and it could mean missing a bye week if the Vampire loses. 

But one things for sure,

You don’t count out the Count!



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