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Vampire League Week 13 – Stormula Plays the Blues

Vampire League Week 13 – Stormula Plays the Blues

As the final week of the Vampire League played out, the Count wielded too much power and secured himself a bye week.

After last week’s defeat, the Vampire was looking for vengeance, and needed to get it. Victory against the Sourbeer team was needed, but other results had meant that the bye week was not quite secure just yet. And his next opponent could not have come at a worse time. The final regular season schedule had him going up against the Blues Brother, who was himself looking for next week off. 


With no Thursday Night football, the action went straight to Sunday.

With James Connor still out on the COVID list, the Blues Brother went into the match with only one Running Back. In his place, Jonathon Taylor tried hard for the both of them, with another good outing by the Colts back. 91 yards on the ground, with 44 yards through the air getting him a touchdown as well. 22.5 point is nothing to sniff at. 

Unfortunately, on the other side, the pilfered pair of Jones and Cook put up some very strong numbers that both beat JT. Both went over 100 yards on the ground – Cook bagged 120 and Jones got 130 and a late TD. The Minnesota man managed to catch up with 6 receptions for 69 yards, whereas the Packer player only got 3 receptions for 18 yards. In the end, Dalvin had 23.9, while Aaron got 23.8. 

And the swing went for the Daywalkers in the Quarterback position as well. Patrick Mahomes had a relatively quiet day, but still put up over 300 yards (318) and a touchdown. He also carried four times for 26 yards – totalling up to 19.32 points.

The Blues Brother’s Russell Wilson seems to have flipped the gas to the kitchen off, as he doesn’t seem to be cooking as much any more. Seattle’s QB got a touchdown, but only 263 yards, and also got intercepted. And his rushing game (7 carries for 45 yards) also had a fumble included. The final score? 15.02 points for Russ. 


With Stefon Diggs yet to play, it was DeAndre Hopkins who went up on his own against Tyreek Hill and Devante Adams. A battle of three titans. Devante got the best score of the three for the Blues Brother – with 10 receptions, 121 yards and two touchdowns bringing in 34.1 points. A great return for the Packer man. 

In second was Hopkins, for the Vampire. Nuk ended the day with 8 receptions for 52 yards and a touchdown, pushing up Stormula’s score by 19.2 points. And Cheetah, fresh from a huge week last time around, came in third. He only managed 6 receptions for 58 yards and a carry for 30 yards. However, a challenge on the ‘incomplete catch that wasn’t’ could have given Hill a little more juice to BB’s score.

The Tight Ends saw Evan Engram go up against Dallas Goedert. Zach Ertz’ return didn’t put as much of a dent in Goedert’s return – with the Philly TE getting 11.6 points. That came from 5 receptions for 66 yards. Engram ended up with one of the best target shares for Colt McCoy on the day, but his 32 yards from 4 receptions only got 7.2 points. 

Rodrigo Blankenship outkicked Zane Gonzalez by 6 points to 3 and, although they managed more defensive accolades, the points conceded meant that the Saints lost to the Dolphins by 14 points to 7. Two further positional victories for the Vampire. 


The Vampire looked to have secured the victory. With all of the Blues Brothers played out, Stefon Diggs’ performance was merely a formality. 

But the Vampire is cunning and looks to strike whenever he can. And so it was the the Count used his commissioner powers to swap out Mike Davis for Richie James. The intention? To swap James into the line-up, and use him as the patsy for the eventual trade. 

This left a sour taste in the Blues Brother’s mouth and, after much debate, the league commissioner stepped in to reverse the swap. And so it was that the Daywalkers had Stefon Diggs on the bench when the game went ahead. Diggs would go on to record 10 completions for 92 yards, and 19.2 points.

It was all for nought anyway, as the Daywalkers had the victory. Whispers on the wind suggested that it would be Devante Adams that would join the undead legion. But the switcharound had left the Vampire with a lot to consider. And, at the time of writing, it was uncertain who would join the Blues Brothers in their playoff quest.

But the playoff picture had finally formed, and crucial battlegrounds lay ahead.  


So, with the regular season over, that brings the teams fighting tor the title down to 6. 

With his Week 13 victory, Stormula secures the bye, and joins Ghould Hunt in getting Week 14 off. That leaves the four teams just below to duke it out for the priveledge of facing the top two teams. 

Mercy Brown and the Razor Sharp Fangios battle to face Ghould Hunt. In the other side of the playoff slate, Blues Brother and SourBeer fight in the ‘self-titled slugfest’. Who will come out victorious, and face off against Stormula. 

Just remember,

You can’t count out the Count!




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