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Combat for the Count – Vampire League, Week 14 2020

Combat for the Count – Vampire League, Week 14

As the weeks of contests went on, it was clear that the Vampire would not be vanquished to the consolation bracket. And, after the brutal battles of Week 13 announced the weeding of the weakest, only the strong remained. And, as positions would have it, the Count stood as one of the strongest. 

So, for Week 14, the Vampire rested. He would take pleasure in watching those four teams unlucky enough to have to duel again. There was one other human team who would also get the respite of a bye week, but he was of no concern at the moment. All Stormula cared about is who would enter the Fatal Four alongside the Daywalkers and Ghould Hunt. 

Razor Sharp Fangios 92.14 – 115.18 Mercy Brown

The beaten and battered Fangios had a tough time against Mercy Brown. Brandin Cooks was a surprise absence from the Texans squad, which meant that Jack’s team played with a man down. But, ultimately it didn’t matter. T.J. Hockenson, Tony Pollard, Cooper Kupp and, most notably, Derrick Henry, outperformed the Fangio’s equivalents and helped Jack and his team into a semi-final clash.

Team Sourbeer 80.78 – 95.94 BUF The Vampire Slayer

Sourbeer also forgot to check his line up as he missed putting Benny Snell against the Blues Brother. Not that it would have made any difference, but Snell actually outscored his Running Back partner James Conner, who was playing for his opponent.

Instead, the damage was done by Russell Wilson, Jonathon Taylor and Tyreek Hill, who helped secure the bulk of the points between them. That was enough to see the Blue Brother into the semi final. Sadly, he was without a kicker due to injuries. Could that make a difference in his semi final match up?


That leaves the Fatal Four to go. Our two victors, and the two players coming in off the bye week. So how do the pieces fall in Week 15?

After a week out, the regular-season champion Harry’s Ghould Hunt goes up against victorious quarterfinalists Mercy Brown, led by Jack. There will guaranteed to be a human in the final, but who will come out victorious? And will they face the Daywalkers in the final?

In the other side of the bracket, the Blues Brother faces the Count once again. It’s a repeat of the controversial Week 13 match, where Stormula came out on top. Can BB change the tune? Or will the Count make it two wins on the bounce?

One thing is for sure,

You can’t count out the Count!

Rob @5YardRob

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