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Vampire League – Week 2 to Week 3


The latest in the series examines the Vampire’s Week 2 match and look forward to who he has selected to face next. So, with the second round of fixtures in the books , did Count Stormula take a second bite out of the league? Or did this week’s victim stem the flow?

Let’s start the review with Thursday night’s match between the Bengals and the Browns. 


The game may have been clinched by the Browns, but there were fantasy point winners on both sides of the TNF match. Only one of them was in action for our rivals, and it just so happens that he was in Andre’s starting line up. Nick Chubb saw the majority of the rushing plays in the first half, picking up two rushing TDs. A nine yard reception on his sole target topped that final fantasy score up to 26.3 points. So, that was the lead that ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’ held over their vampiric opponents before the Sunday games.  


After such a powerful performance last week, perhaps the Vampire was still a little blood drunk. Or, at least his players were. Very subdued performance from Dallas Goedert and Nyheim Hines. James Robinson left to rack up 20+ points on the bench. Darius Slayton only making 6.3 points. You know its a bad day when your kicker Mason Crosby makes the most points out of your Sunday Players. 

And Stormula’s opponent made sure the seperation before the Monday Night game was considerable. Kyler Murray dazzled, and DJ Moore came out with over 100 receiving yards. As such, the sun was shone in the face of the Vampire. Andre holds a near-inassailable 50 point lead doing into the final showdown between the Raiders and the Saints. 


Josh Jacobs did his best for his new master, rushing for 88 yards as well as a few receptions. But his 13.50 points were no match for the indominable Darren Waller. The Raiders Tight End put up three figures and a touchdown to stretch that lead out even further. The final score? The old school Bram Stoker’s Dracula 143.34, The Daywalkers 78.78.  

The Vampire stunned for now, Andre makes good his escape, leaving the ghastly fiend on 1 win and 1 loss, in the middle of the league table. While Stormula has been knocked back but, fate may have dealt him a better hand for Week 3. As luck would have it, events could cause a rebound quicker than his potential victims would like.

After so many injuries over the course of Week 2, the Vampire has an opportunity to refill his ranks with eager replacements. And another consequence of so many injuries…his human opponents will be distinctly lacking in healthy troops. So was there anybody in particular that took Stormula’s fancy to face this week? Indeed there was.


As if Pittsy hadn’t suffered enough losing Raheem Mostert and Christian McCaffrey during the Week 2 matches…he has now got to face the Vampire.

Clearly Count Stormula has spotted this weakness in his roster’s armour. And, with only the Count being able to take advantage of the waiver wire, the backups will be coming into the Daywalker’s fold. And they will be ready to pick up the pieces and thrust them deep into the heart of the pretender ‘Count Dakcula’. 

Still, Pittsy still has some Running backs to take the strain. Detroit’s D’Andre Swift and the Viking’s Alexander Mattison come into the starting line up in place of Mostert and CMC. Ever-present Mike Evans and Marquise Brown fill the Wide Receiver spots. And he’s got one of his boys filling the Tight End spots. Hayden Hurst has finally found his role within the Falcons’ team and his form might be a match-saver for his league owner. Greg the Leg comes fresh off his heroics against that Falcons team to help the cause. Finally, Pittsy hopes his Pittsburgh Steelers defense, dominant for the first two weeks, will do the business again for a third straight week. 

But who knows who will end up facing Pittsy and his ‘Count Dakcula’ outfit? We already know that the Count has snapped up Devonta Freeman, Keelan Cole and Mike Davis. There’s potential that the backups walk over Dakcula this week.

Join me next time to see who comes out victorious.

Remember, you can’t count out the Count!

Rob @CowsillRob

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