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Vampire League – Week 4 to 5

Vampire League – Week 4 to 5

What a topsy-turvy week. With COVID causing chaos to teams (real and fantasy alike) across the last seven days, did the Vampire thrive from the madness? Or did he falter? 

Week 4 saw Stormula come up against Tom, another member of the 5 Yard Rush team, and his Jamal Addams Family. So let’s have a look at how he did this week.


In another hot-blooded Thursday affair, the Broncos came away from MetLife with victory. But did our two combatants have players involved? 

Both of them ended up with points on the night, but it was Stormula who came away with a lead going into Sunday’s games. The returning Jamison Crowder was a welcome sight for Sam Darnold and Joe Flacco as he got into the double digits for targets. Catching seven of them meant he clambered to 104 yards of receiving yards – which meant 17.4 points on the night. Crowder’s performance banked those points…for the Vampire. 

On the opposing side stood Noah Fant, sophomore Tight End for the Broncos. But high expectations were dashed on rocks (or more accurately, the field of terrible condition). The Denver injury curse struck again, and this time it was Fant being carted off the field. He failed to return after sustaining an ankle injury. Unfortunately for Tom, the Tight End’s number was being called a lot before the incident, with 5 of 6 receptions for 35 yards. That gave 8.5 points for the Jamal Adams Family. 

This turn of events – and a 17.4 to 8.5 lead – gave the Vampire another predicted win heading into Sunday. But, after such a wild and unpredictable week, could it stay that way?


There was yet more drama to be had in the reduced Sunday schedule. The Tampa Bay branch of the Family gave a strong showing. Tom Brady may have continued his interception streak but he more than made up for it with 5 passing touchdowns – giving Tom a massive 33.46 point boost. Sadly none of those went to Ronald Jones. But the Running Back still did his part for J.A.F, with over 100 rushing yards and 17 receiving yards, contributing another 18.80 points.

DeAndre Hopkins continued to be a favoured Kyler Murray outlet and, although he didn’t get a touchdown, he did make 7 catches for 41 yards. Another 11.1 points for Tom. 

But the Eagles DST were a massive part of the effort. They turned around their teams’ fortunes with a multitude of defensive accolades. 2 interceptions, 5 sacks, 1 forced fumble and the following recovery – and a defensive touchdown on a sloppy Nick Mullens pass. A huge 19 points for the Philly defense added to a considerable points gain for the Jamal Adams Family. 

But it wasn’t all one sided. The Daywalkers had their own Sunday players. Ryan Fitzpatrick came in as a late replacement for Covid-hit Cam Newton to add on 23.3 points. James Robinson got another 100 yards from scrimmage (75 ground; 32 air) to provide nearly 15 points. And recently-converted minion Mike Evans’ 25.2 points was a particular highlight. The Tampa WR had 122 yards from 7/8 receptions and a touchdown from a perfectly timed Brady pass.

Adding in 10.3 points from Josh Jacobs; 8.5 points from Greg Olsen and 7 points from the Colts defense, and this left the Daywalkers ahead of their human opponents – with a lead of 106.4 points to 90.86 points. Everything to play for.


With two big games yet to go on Monday night, would the Daywalkers be able to stay ahead? Todd Gurley and Calvin Ridley, both players capable of big plays, were yet to play for Tom’s team. Mason Crosby was the only player left for the armies of darkness. 

Well, Crosby had a relatively quiet night, with only one field goal kicked and three of four extra points. The football hitting the upright was the only blemish on a perfect record. And that gave the Vampire 5 more points. 

On the other team, Todd Gurley did his upmost to claw those points back. 16 carries resulted in 57 yards and two touchdowns, and one reception added an extra six yards. But it was high-flying Wide Receiver Calvin Ridley who put the final nail in the coffin…of his own team. Ridley was unable to connect with the 5 targets thrown his way, and ended up with 0 points. That bagel meant that the final score went 111.4 – 110.16, in favour of Count Stormula. Less than a point seperated the sides.

But a loss is a loss, no matter the gap. And it was time for the Vampire to collect his due. And with that, he took another Wide Receiver to add to the collection. Across went Jamison Crowder from the Daywalkers…and in return, Arizona’s DeAndre Hopkins was the latest thrall into the Count’s legion. 


So, as if the Vampire already being 3 – 1 up wasn’t already torture enough, we now enter the bye weeks proper. And with it comes gaps in opponents’ armour that the Count can exploit for his own gain. So who has he chosen to face this week? It’s another member of the 5 Yard Rush team…and it’s one of the head honchos themselves. Murf is in the Vampire’s sights this week.  


Like many teams in this league, ‘Vampire Hunter Henry’ has been bitten by the injury bug. And this one could be a particularly fatal one. Austin Ekeler’s withdrawl from the field was a disaster for Murf’s Week 4 match up. But it could mean even worse consequences for this match versus the Vampire. The Running Back’s injury, combined with Cam Akers’ questionable status and Le’Veon Bell on IR, leaves Murf with only one fully fit RB. That man is Melvin Gordon – who faces the Patriot’s defence in Week 5. 

The injury woes don’t just stop there. Wide Receivers AJ Brown and Michael Thomas are both questionable, as is Tight End Jared Cook. Plus, his kicker Matt Prater is on a bye this week so he will be short at that position too. It’s quickly looking like ‘Vampire Hunter Henry’ is becoming ‘Vampire Hunted Henry’!

So who can stand up for Murf’s team this week? Carson Wentz comes in to replace Aaron Rodgers (also on a bye). Stefon Diggs is ready to lead the Wide Receiver unit…which may well be just him and Diontae Johnson at this rate. Ian Thomas has a very favourable positional matchup against a terrible Atlanta defence. And he’s got his trusty Buccs defense hoping for a strong game against the Bears on Thursday night. But will that be enough?

We await news of players health but, as it stands, it could be the Vampire rocking his way to 4-1. 

One thing’s for sure…we should have never counted out the Count!

Rob @CowsillRob


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